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What Is The Importance Of Clean Water In Our Life


In all areas of life like agriculture, household, domestic, industry, etc water is the main necessity of life. It is a precious gift given to us by God to continue our life on earth. The human body consists of maximum water and needs more water for its survival with time. It does not have any color, odor, shape, and taste but it is very essential to us in our life.

Importance of Clean water

71 % of the earth is covered with water, it is vital to all the living beings found on earth. Water is available in many forms; vapors, clouds, surface water, precipitation, polar ice caps, glaciers, etc. Water cycle runs all around the earth in a continuous manner of evaporation, precipitation, runoff, rain, etc. apart from all this, we are still not able to drink clean water in all areas of the country. 

With time it became hard to manage the quality of water for the people who lack clean water. Lack of water is still a problem in some areas. To manage access to water in areas of water scarcity it is very hard. Those people who have sufficient water waste it and don't take care. We all know that only 1 % of water is fit for drinking in this world, this is because maximum water is locked up in snow, ice, glaciers, and other forms outside.  The main source of getting freshwater is groundwater because of its natural filtering system.

With the change in climatic conditions depth of groundwater is also increasing. Due to drought and natural disasters without season, clean water insecurity is increased in many places. Due to the increase in population growth, the demand for clean water supply will also increase, the needs of agriculture and industry will also increase.

Now we must take effective action to save more and more water. There are several ways to save water in a huge amount daily. One must follow water conservation methods to save water more effectively. To save and protect water from being getting dirty it is important to meet current and future needs. Climate change is another factor responsible for the scarcity of water. As in future demands of water will increase and hence water should be saved to be available for their future generations. 

On an urgent basis, we need to practice water conservation techniques to make sure that precious resource is present. We should also stop contaminating the resources of drinking water through the direct passage of toxic chemicals, sewage, and any other waste into it. Increasing population, rapid urbanization, and deforestation are responsible for the need for clean water and will also lead to water pollution and scarcity.

Atmospheric deposition, land runoff, precipitation, sewage, seepage, industrial waste, etc. all these are the sources that are polluting the underground water. Such wastes get deposited into wetlands, rivers, lakes, coastal waters, etc and meet the large water. Insecticides, herbicides, detergents, soaps, fertilizers, etc are other water spoiling sources that are used in excess by agricultural lands and residential areas. Acid drainage from abandoned mines and industries involved in making oil, toxic and grease chemicals are also involved in making the water dirty and polluted. Such nonpoint sources are the leading cause of water quality problems.

At Muskan The NGO we have observed that lack of water is a big issue in various countries. The level of the freshwater underground is decreasing because of the disturbance created y people in the natural filtering system. We follow all the key activities regarding saving water from loss, protecting it from being getting dirty.