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Why female foetuses are killed inside mother wombs?


In our country as per scriptures, gods only reside in places where a girl is worshiped. It is ironic to practice female foeticide in such a place but this is a sad truth. It has become a great social problem all across the country. Female foetuses are killed in their mother's womb by this ruthless society which prefers sons more than daughters.

The Bane Of Dowry

In many conservative and traditional families, a girl child is still considered a burden or liability. Due to demanding dowry at the time of marriage, she is often also subjected to molestation, sexual harassment, beating, and rape. Parents also fear the prospect of educating, rearing, protecting, or marrying their daughters. Daily newspapers have coverage about rapes, molestation, sexual harassment, acid throwing, bride beating, and burning. All these things result in encouraging female foeticide.

Misuse of Prenatal Tests

 Misuse of Prenatal Tests

It is becoming a trend to misuse pre-natal technologies, which are used to investigate about pre-birth complications or any deficiencies in a child. Many mushrooming ultrasound clinics connive with parents to carry out sex determination tests and if the child is found to be a girl then it is killed inside the womb.  Such people should be strictly punished by the government.

Age-Old Biases

Conservative and traditional families still believe that only sons can carry their family names in future generations, only they can look after them in their old age. Some people are never going to shake off their longing their longings for having a son. They also think that the deceased can attain salvation only if the funeral rituals are performed by their son.

Change In Air

Winds of change have started flowing across society as women are proving their potential in every profession. They also bring a sense of recognition and pride to their families and nations. Girls have broken all barriers and are performing with excellence in all fields.

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Desire Of Male Child

Social attitude towards women is changing and is also leading to women empowerment, but still, we cannot be so sure that it has stopped the practice of female foeticide as it will take a lot of time to change mindsets of people living in small towns and cities of the country. Many parents after the birth of two or more girls go for sex-selective tests and the go-ahead to continue pregnancy only if the foetus is male. In some areas where people cannot go for sex determination tests, female infanticide takes place where a girl child is killed just after birth. Even in urban areas, things are also on the same ground; desire for having a male child is equal irrespective of their social and economic conditions. So educated people choose ultrasound techniques to determine the gender of the fetus and in case of a girl; they terminate it without any qualms.

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The main root cause of practicing female foeticide even in this 21st century is the old patriarchal mindset where after the birth of boy sweets are distributed but unexplained sadness is plunged after the birth of a girl. We need to bring change by empowering girls through Muskan an NGO in every term of the social, economic, educational, and political professions. Your little bit efforts can motivate us. So that Indian parents can get encouraged and stops discrimination with regards to the gender of their child.

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