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Why Forests Are Important For Us


Forests are known to be the land plants and trees that usually covers one third of the earth surface that is symbolized by the green color. There are various reasons that why forests are important feature for our ecosystem. They are known to be the fundamental life forms as well as it provides continuity to the biodiversity of world that is necessary for economic development. Forests are usually important because they stabilize climate, provide habitat to thousand life forms and regulate water cycle. Here are some of the leading reasons that indicate the importance of forest in our ecosystem.

Reason defining the importance of forest

Supports Ecosystems and Habitats

Forests have been house to millions of animals and it supports multiple ecosystems. However, 90 percent of the species of this earth live in forest and animals such as snakes, lizards, birds, monkeys along with lions and leopards are known for living in forests. Therefore, these animals form their food chains by regularly interacting with each other and create an ideal ecosystem.  Healthy ecosystems are important for the flourishing of the animal lives. In addition to this, millions of indigenous people still live in their forest depending upon the survival.

Protects Watershed Areas

Why Forests Are Important For Us

Forests are also known for acting as the watershed regions. Hence, approximately of water usually come from the water tables derived from forests and lakes, rivers or streams present in the forest areas. The forest cover protects streams and river from drying and sun radiation.

Supports Biodiversity

Forests are known to serve as the genes of biodiversity. This is because most of the forests carry about 90 percent of all earth species. Therefore, it makes up a diversity of plants and animal life forms in the variety of forests habitats. Forests could also support biodiversity by offering the best environment where different species of plants and animals could easily thrive. Forest usually support the life of some of the endangered species of this world and make them feel secured.

Purifies the Air

Forests have been recognised for playing an important role in the purification of the atmospheric air. During day time, plants absorb the carbon dioxide for the process of photosynthesis and gives out oxygen. This is the major reason why Muskaan NGO work for conserving the forests because they help in purification of air that we breathe. Forests serve as the instrumental tool  that could reduce the amount of carbon dioxide and other green house gases that can be behind rise in global warming.

Stabilize Climate

Forests are known for serving as the climate stabilizers since plants and trees regulate atmospheric temperature by the process of evapotranspiration. The presence of trees in urban settings the presence of trees could reduce the dependence of the air conditioners. Large forests are known for regulating the regional temperatures by absorbing the radiant heat of sun and promoting rainfall.

Purifies the Air-importance of forest

Enrich the Soil

Plants help to recycle the nutrients of soil by the shedding of leaves and small branches. The plant roots also break the soil inside the finer particles and it encourages water infiltration inside the soil. The roots of trees also absorb some water from the surface and they reduce the flow that result in the decrease of soil erosion that normally degrades the fertility of soil.

Why saving forest is essential step of Muskan NGO?

Muskan NGO has been working for the welfare of people from quite long and saving trees is one of the tasks that are done by their volunteers. They know that trees are quite important for maintaining a balance in ecosystem and proper working of food chains. However, saving trees could be a life changing opportunity for anyone. The above-mentioned are some of the important reasons that can describe the importance of forests in our lives. However, these important reasons should be considered by every single person to save trees and plant more trees.