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Why it became necessary to save girl child


It is true that there is no world without mother, we used to worship several goddesses and respect them. But why there is a need to save our girls? Aren't they are safe in society or we are losing our dignity. Although there is a need to save girl child if we want to save our future. The proportion of girls as compared to boys is very less in almost every sector. Several reasons are there which cause declined in the girl child like the killing of female infants, preference of the male child, thinking that girls are weaker.

There is a need to save girls due to several reasons which are explained below. Muskaan, The NGO had taken crucial steps for saving girl child. In Indian society bearing a girl, the child is somewhat is not acceptable by the society which is not only common in rural areas but also in urban areas. Apart from this several other problems which is faced by girls and not let them live freely in society. Let us know more about the reasons why there is a need to save a girl child.

Reasons that made it necessary to save girl child

Domestic violence
The most common crime against women which is reported is domestic violence. The cases of women ad girls being affected by domestic violence had been increased over the years. From young age girls to teenage girls all are subjected to domestic violence. It had been estimated by experts that every year on an average 50 percent of girls is prone to domestic violence. In this male-dominated society male show their power on a female by beating them severely. However, there is a need to stop violence against girls and save them from this. It is important for the bright future of girls and the nation too.

Rape cases
Rape cases had increased within the past few years, especially school and college girls are common victims of rape. Rape being the shameless activity that is done with a girl and effects her mentality too. Even the small girls who are school going are prone to rape which is a shameless crime. Some families in remote areas with negative thinking do not want their girls to come across such kind of crimes and so they do not opt to give birth to girls. However, in that case, it is important to save girl child and make strict rules against such crimes.

Abortion is usually done when the parents come to know that it is a girl child. Most parents want to have a boy child and think the girl is a burden for the family. Aborting girl children had led to declining the population of girls in the country. Although the government had banned in all hospitals to make know about the gender of a child during pregnancy. But after all these still people opt for other ways to know about the gender of a child in the womb of the mother. Saving the girl child begins from here when they are killed inside the mother's womb.

Female trafficking
Girls trafficking is common in red light areas of metro cities. Girls kidnapping is common from rural to urban areas and they are enrolled in trafficking. Every years girl kidnapping cases are reported and in place of declining the cases are being increases. It is the lack of strictness or government is lacking behind the safety and saving of girl child. Also, the trafficking of girls for child labor is another factor that shows that there is a need to save a girl child before it becomes too late.

Molestation is another common crime that made it necessary for the people and the government too to save the girl child. Molestation for teenage and young girls is common and is increasing day by day and there is a need to save them before it becomes too late. To protect girls from molestation cases, Muskan NGO is working for years and did a great job against protecting the girl child and saving them. It is estimated to save girls from the molestation first and the safe environment starts from home itself. There is a need to change the mentality of people towards girls and save them from such cases.

How Muskan NGO is helping to save the girl child?
It is noticed that the position of girls in society is less as compared to others. At every level of girls, preference is less and boy's preference is more. Discrimination of girls is commonly practiced in society and also they have discriminated in several ways. Starting from the birth where most of the parents kill a female child and prefer male child girls are discriminated. There is a need to save girl child and many nongovernment organizations are working on it. Like one of the most know organization Muskan NGO who works for the rights of girls and work to save girl child.