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Why It Is Important To Save Girl Child and What Steps Our Government Has Taken To Do So?

Why It Is Important To Save Girl Child and What Steps Our Government Has Taken To Do So?

Why It Is Important To Save Girl Child and What Steps Our Government Has Taken To Do So?

Without the equal participation of both men and women, the existence of the human race on this earth is impossible. Both genders are equally responsible for the growth and development of any nation. However, we can also state that women are more important than men as without women human race cannot be continued because she is the one to give birth to a human. So it is very important to save girl children rather than killing them in the female fetus. We need to provide equal opportunities, respect, and facilities to the girl child as we provide to a boy. Girls are the source of root creation and also help to shape the destiny of civilization. However, in our society women have been the victim of rape, sexual harassment, dory beating and burning, female feticide and many more things. How shame is this that in a country where girls are treated as a goddess, the same girls are killed even before their birth.

Why It is Important to Save Girl Child?

A girl child should be saved in society because of the following reasons:

  • Girls are not less than boys in any field and they always give their best in every profession.
  • Female foeticide is declared crime since 1961 and is also banned by our government to stop sex-selective abortions. People should follow all these rules very strictly and those who break the rules should be punished by our constitution.
  • Girls are always more obedient than boys and have also observed to be less arrogant and violent.
  • Girls today are more responsible towards their family, security, job, or country than boys and always bring pride to their families.
  • A woman can be a daughter, sister, wife, mother, etc. A woman performs various tasks and roles at the same time and gives her best at that. A woman should be respected in every form and any role.
  • The girl is the ultimate reason for the existence of the human race because only girls can give birth to a new human.

Steps Taken By Our Government To Save Girl Child

There are many steps taken by our government to save girl child. Not only to save, but our government also taking the initiative to educate them as well. The most recent and effective initiative regarding this issue is "Beti Bachao Beti Padhao" yojna. This scheme is actively supported by all the government organizations, non-government organizations, human rights activists, and all corporate groups. The killing of a female foetus was a very big issue for our government and society, however, it has been banned by our government to stop using ultrasound for scan tests, sex determination, amniocentesis, etc in hospitals. This step was taken by the government to tell people that a girl child is not a sin in the society but she is a very precious gift by god.


In Muskan an NGO we think that rather than killing a girl child inside the womb of a mother, she should always be loved, respected, and saved for the betterment of society and the nation. IN this your help and support can take it to next level. So you can participate with us, if recognize women empowerment. Women are continuously giving their best in every profession and even have surpassed many men in their fields too. Women are also an equal participant for the development of the country as boys.