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Why it is important to save girl child in Indian society


Discrimination against the girl child in India has been going on from ages. However, there is several section of Indian society where girl has been treated as burden on family. On the other hand, boys are given several privileges, girls are restricted to the confine, and they have little opportunities to grow and learn in life. It is known to be great shame that female infanticide have been reported presently. The census of 2011 has found that there are 918 girls for 1000 boys in India. In such cases, the role of government and NGO’s such as Muskaan NGO become vital to  make sure that girls have right to flourish and born in life. You need to always support charities such as save children for contributing to spread awareness about girl child importance.

Why it is important to save as well as educate girls?
Indian society can achieve true women empowerment, it is vital that a person should start with girl child. This happens because today girls would be women of tomorrow. The social welfare organization play an important role here as it is not possible for government to reach every corner of country. Hence, as the aware citizens, everyone should support organizations that work for the eradication of women empowerment and female infanticide. The donation provided to these organizations serve as two major purposes such as providing tax benefits to donors and bringing change ion society. Here are some of the measures of women empowerment:

  • It helps women to carve a positive self-image and increase confidence level.
  • It allows them to develop the quality to think critically.
  • It helps to make sure that women have equal participation to make decision. This does not matter whether it is at community or family level.
  • Moreover, it helps women to achieve economic independence.

Everyone need to change the mentality that girl is liability and this need happening on the grass root level. While Muskaan NGO is spreading awareness, there is also need of stricter laws that can deter people to restore female foeticide. Education plays an important role here and it goes long way in empowering woman. The education process should begin at early level in life. More girl child should be sent to school and they should get holistic as well as quality education. If a girl is educated in right way, numerous benefits come along. All the educated girls could take ideal decision in their life.

For example, whenever an educated girl is sick, she would have better understanding as well as awareness for availing proper healthcare services. On the other hand, a society having educated girls would see decreased level of poverty, less child marriages, and increased participation of females in all socio-economic process. You might not know this but educating a girl has multiple far-reaching impacts. It has been rightly said that an entire generation would be educated if a woman is educated.

Indian Government Scheme of Beti Padhao, Beti Bachao Scheme (BBBP)
The exact meaning of this slogan is that ‘Educate the Girl Child and Save the Girl Child’. Hence, Beti Padhao, Beti Bachao scheme has turned out to be an ambitious scheme of Indian government.  This scheme intends to generate the quality improvement of welfare services, help them to access better services, and generate massive awareness. This scheme was majorly introduced in year 2014 and it goes on addressing declining rate of child sex ration in our country.
The pan-India campaigns helps in rolling out this scheme for focusing on the top 100 worst performing districts when we talk about CSR.  It is known as the joint initiative of three vital central government ministries. The three major ministries that involve in proper working of this ambitious scheme:

  • Ministry of Human Resource Development
  • Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
  • Ministry of Women and Child Development

These three ministries are important in proper working of the ‘Beti Padhao and Beti Bachao scheme. This major aim of this scheme is to make people aware of the rights provided to girl child. Moreover, this scheme has been successfully working in the field of providing best education to female.

How Muskan NGO is working for girl empowerment?
There is usually urgent need for changing the archaic mindset of the patriarchal Indian Society that views all the girls as liabilities. It also need to be established that are girl are not less in any case in comparison to boys. When girls are given the right chances for nurturing their skills as well as talent, they have inside them to achieve expertise in different areas of life. Therefore, it is imperative that non-government and government organizations should work in cohesion. They should work to spread the message of educating as well as saving girl child. You can also donate to NGO’s for showing your support as well as contribution to this movement.