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Why should you save your water for the upcoming generation?


Why should you save your water for the upcoming generation?

When it comes to water which is one of the important things that we need in our life.  It is a fact that there is a need to save water for future generations.  Loss of water and overuse of water leads to scarcity of water and causes a major problem for the upcoming generation.  It is our durty to save water so that the upcoming generation can use it without any problem.  With the increasing industrialization and pollution in water sources, the water level is depleting day by day. However, the government had taken several steps to save water but it is our duty too.  According to the scientist, each ear of millions of gallons is water wasted by the people. 
There is a need to avoid overuse of water and for that, you can do several things which are mentioned below. Water is life and we have only  4 percent of the water that we can use for drinking and other purposes. Rest the water is salty can not be used by us. It is important to know about the importance of water and save water for the upcoming generation. Several reasons that why there is a need to save water are explained below.  Let us know  more about it in detail 

Reasons why  there is a need to save water

there is a need to save water

To maintain ecosystems

Nature undergoes several natural processes like evaporation and transpiration.  However, with the scarcity of water, these processes would be affected which directly disturbs the natural ecosystems. Therefore, to protect our natural eco-systems,  it is important to have sufficient water so that all the natural processes can be continued properly.   Natural ecosystems which include forests,  oceans and other water sources that are dependent on the water is directly affected by the misuse of water. 

To  protect flora  and  fauna

It is important to conserve water to conserve flora and fauna which is dependent on natural water sources like rivers,  sea oceans, and streams. Due to increased industrialization, these freshwater sources are been eroded and cause scarcity of water. Many of the species become endangered and need protection.  For the food chain to be continued it is important to save water for animals as well.  Many of the animals die every year in summers due to scarcity of water,  therefore this is the sign of a dark future.

save water save earth

For irrigation

People living in cities do not close the taps after use and sometimes let it open.  We have to learn and take strict measures to avoid such losses of water.  This the reason that agricultural farms do not get water for irrigating crops.  People in villages drill wells and extract water from underground sources which directly affects the water level.   With increased depletion, soil loses its fertility and start becoming dry. Hence if we can avoid misuse of water,  it can be utilized for irrigation.
Conserving water is important and along with government, we at Muskan an NGO had taken serious steps to create awareness on how to save water. From freshwater sources to artificial sources, there is a need to take care that water is not being issued.  Without water, one cannot imagine themselves and people take water granted and misuse all the sources of water. There is a need to give importance to saving water for the next generation so that they can enjoy natural water and nature too.

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