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Why there is a need to conserve forests for the survival of life


Forests are another natural resource that needs to conserve on the earth for the conserving life. There is no doubt that forests are as equally important as water, air and soil. It plays an important role in the survival of humans and animals. Therefore with the increase in the establishment of factories and industries had led to a decrease in forests area. Day by day forests area is reducing due to deforestation. It is high time and there is a need to conserve forests. Forests serve many purposes and help in many ways which are listed below. For the proper balance of the ecosystem and life on the earth, it is important to conserve forests before they get depleted and destroyed.

Increased deforestation is a major threat to forests, as people are cleaning the forest areas for agricultural lands. Therefore, it is important to be understood that conserving forests is our responsibility and the government had initiated several programs to save forests and conserve life. Many nongovernment organizations have been working for years to save forests and one of them is the Muskaan NGO that organizes several campaigns and rallies to aware people of conserving forests. Let us know why there is a need to conserve the forests to conserve life.

Reasons why forest conservation is important

Forests offer us several things from food, water, fresh air and all the other timbers which are produced through tress However they are created to balance the ecosystems. Along with these, they had several other benefits which are mentioned below:

Provide fresh air to breathe

Most of the earth's oxygen comes from forests area and pump out by the trees in forests. If we cut down the forests then the level of CO2 in the air increases and there will be no oxygen. It is calculated by scientists that amazon forests alone produce 16 percent of world oxygen. So it is important to conserve forests it we want to live life. If forests will be there then we will get oxygen for breathing.

Help to conserve flora and fauna

Forest is a hub to many species that live in the forests. Most of the species are totally dependent on forests for their living. It is found that forests comprise a wide range of species that are important for the food chain. With the depletion of forests, it is estimated that the population of tigers had been reduced and many species had become extinct. To conserve the life of animals it is important to conserve forests so that they can live easily.

Helps to balance the temperature

As we all know that global warming g is increasing day by day and the main reason for it is deforestation which needs to be avoided. Increasing temperature is due to fewer trees and plants in the environment. Hence to keep the temperature cool and low it is important to have forests around cities s they help to balance the temperature and keeps the climate cool. They affect a lot of climate patterns and change the weather.

They are a source of food

Most of the food items produced through the tress which ranges from rubber, wool, fruits, vegetables, latex, jute and many more. Forests are rich sources of food items and other items as well. Therefore it becomes more important to conserve forests for the production of such items which are important for the survival of life. Cleaning forests at high rates reduce the production of natural items and cause havoc in the market. To meet the demands of the people there is a need to plant more trees and conserve the forest areas.

Forest conservation had become an important concept and also the government is taking initiative towards it. Some NGOs like Muskan NGO which are working for saving the forests and work on the moto conserve forests; conserve life.