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Why there is a need to have tree plantation


Tree plantation is important for the welfare of the environment and to keep surrounding neat and clean. Trees are sources of several things and also important to our environment. With time the trees are decreasing and people are cutting trees and vacating the lands for several purposes. Increased pollution also caused declining in the plantation of trees in the environment. Therefore its high time that there are needed to grow more and more trees with time and for that, there is a need to go with tree plantation. The need for tree plantation had been increasing in several ways which are listed below.

Various organizations are working for the welfare of society and also help in encouraging the tree plantation in an area. One of the best organization which is working is Muskaan NGO who are encouraging people and creating social awareness about the plantation of trees. There is a need to plant trees and work on this motto for efficient work.

How tree plantation is important to us?

Tree Plantation is important for economic growth
Trees are sources of several things which we use in our daily and are produced by the trees. Like jute, cotton, fruits, getable s and many more things which are produced from trees and manufactured in industries. Therefore trees are important for the production of such items and directly increase the economy of the country. With the time if the trees are decreasing then it directly affects the economy of the country and also leads to several issues. So the more the number of trees more it is good for the economic growth of the country.

Trees are preserving flora and fauna
Trees are important for the conservation and preservation of wildlife. As the tree is an important habitat for the species. Like the forests and several other sanctuaries are incomplete without trees. Many birds and animals live on trees and are dependent on trees for their needs and requirements. Therefore if we are cutting the trees then automatically we are making the species extinct. Most of the species which got extinct are due to declining of the habitat and cutting of trees.

Tree Plantation helps to prevent deforestation
Although we can see lands near the cities are vacated for agriculture purposes and trees are cut at a high rate. Therefore it is important to prevent deforestation and the best thing is to plant a tree for every single tree which is cut. In this way, we can restore the trees and also prevent deforestation effects on the environment. There are times when the high number at the cut at the same time and the best way to recover it from is to plant trees in that area.

Increase the oxygen level
As we all are aware that the oxygen gas which we breathe is mainly through the trees. If the trees have been lost due to pollution then the level of other gasses increases in the atmosphere. Therefore to maintain the level of oxygen it is important to plant more and more trees. So that we can have fresh air to breathe and avoid pollution in the atmosphere.

How Muskan NGO helps in encouraging tree plantation?
We all know that trees are another important resource on the earth which needs to be preserved and conserved for the benefit of society. For the survival of life, it is important to plant, more and more trees as they increase the level of oxygen in the atmosphere. Moreover, to meet the demands and requirements of people trees are important to grow for the peace in the environment and hence there is a need to create awareness to save trees and encouraging their plantation and for that Muskan NGO have been trying for years. NGO is working for the people and telling them about the importance of tree plantation.