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Why There Is A Need To Implement Women Empowerment


In some sectors of a male-dominated society, it is important to know about the rights of women and keep them as equal to men. The women are always behind the men due to unequal rights and several other reasons. Hence, it is important to provide women with power so that they can lead the world as men. There are many situations where women are forced for everything and were behind there level.

Women empowerment had become important to implement in several sectors to improve the condition of women in society. However many of you are not aware of the sectors where the government had initiated several programs to empower the women at the best level to make them independent in their life. Many nongovernment organizations are working for the rights of women and giving them away to acknowledge their rights in the best way. Muskan The NGO is working for years for the rights of women and provide them equal rights as men. Although there are several reasons why there is a need to have women empowerment and is mentioned below. To know about the reasons in detail refer to the below-given information.

Reasons why there is need to implement women empowerment

Reasons why there is need to implement women empowerment

Domestic violence

In rural areas and even urban areas, women are subjected to domestic violence. The cases of domestic violence had been increased within the last few years. There is a need to stop the violence which is torturing women at every level. There is a need to aware women of the rules and acts made against domestic violence and provide them social empowerment where they can fight for justice with full confidence. The need for social empowerment is important in every area whether it is rural and urban.

Female illiteracy

Most of the population of worm nare illiterate and had not allowed going to school. Therefore there is a need to provide educational empowerment to women. In rural areas where girls are not allowed to go to school due to social customs and in the name of culture. It is important to change the thinking and aware of the girls about the power of education. There is a need to increase the literacy rate of women and offer them with high education so that they can fight for their rights and help them out
to move.


Inequality in commercial sectors - Women Empowerment

Most of the girls are forced to abort the child without the8rn permission. It happens especially when the girls are giving birth to a female child. The cases of female foeticide had been increased over the years even after the government had made strict rules towards it. Still, there are areas where women are allowed to abort the child. Therefore, in such areas need for women empowerment and awareness about it is highly recommended. So that women can fight for their unborn child and can lead the life which they want. There is a need to also look over the government hospitals and about their services so as to make sure that every woman has her right to give birth to her child.

Inequality in commercial sectors

Most of the time it is seen that women are not given equal salaries as a man. The inequality is mostly noticed in commercial sectors where women are paid less than men. There is a need to change the mindset of everyone that women are not as weak as men. For this government enhanced the economic empowerment in which they are providing the right to work to each and every woman and also improving the wages. Work from home and part-time work facility is also available for them.


Implement Women Empowerment

Dowry is common when any girl chooses to marry. The burden of dowry not only affects the girl but also the whole family of the girl. Due to dowry many of the girls were burned alive and even they are subjected to regular domestic violence. There is a need to understand that girls have equal respect which cannot be measured by the money and other accessories. However, it is important to take care of the things while marrying and in case if you think that there is some fishy then you need to aware of your rights.

There are several reasons which show the importance of women empowerment in the life of women. Women and men are humans and should be treated equally without any transparency. Many of the organizations are looking forward to initiating the laws and improve women's empowerment. Muskan, The NGO is working for the welfare of women in society in the past few years. They paid the importance of the rights of women and were working for years for providing the rights to women equally as men. It is important to know that if women are not safe then we are not safe.

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