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Child Marriage In India

The know boxed legal fact, is that the ideal age for girls marriage is 18 years and for boys it is 21 years. Violating this may lead to legal follow-up such as punishing. Still the gender inequality, reflecting social norm that discriminates against girls in the greater side of the balance. The socio-economic and cultural perspective that highlights the caste and class prevalence in the society.

The child’s rights are globally certified and guaranteed in a particular conventional method and almost many in these divisions like right to education, right to rest and leisure, right to mental and physical abuse are denied and have become far-reaching negative consequences. These rights are affected mentally, physically and emotionally on the child’s developmental aspects.

Effects Of Child Marriage In India

It is not only the girls but boys are also equally affected in Child Marriage. But, according to 2011 statistics around 15 million girl children were married before the legal age. As per Hindu mythology as soon as a girl is born, she had to be married to someone as soon as possible. The parents and relatives of these kids justify themselves that the dowry demand is less when compared to late marriages. Though there is Dowry Prohibiting Act imposed since 1961 which insists on prevention of dowry receiving and accepting. The girl’s safety from sexual harassment and inability to guarantee security or justification for child marriage against male attention and promiscuity all through her future in both social and economical  safety. Also, they be assure of the girl child’s chastity and virginity.

Poor Implementation of law leads to lack of the after effects on the consequences on child marriage and the awareness on it. The law and action is not properly managed, the administration of important reasons for child marriage. Following marriage every girl is prone to the era of frequent unprotected sexual activities that has serious health issues as the consequences.

Punishment For Child Marriage In India

There are effects that is risky in future these have high chances of health problems. Both mother and child are under nourished and beyond all these the education is halted from reach for the girl child. Despite their wish, bride is to take up all the responsibility of the in-laws house without any hesitation. This leads to impossibility of continuing education and in turn causes the girls to feel more and more dependent on the in-laws family lacking no improvement in empowering. Muskan will definitely rise against this and ensures the future women to gain education followed by marriage. This gives them a positive force towards life. Also, in terms of the children education cannot be expected from an uneducated mother. The financial crisis stagnates in the same manner in their life.

Child Marriage

Muskan takes a forward step to enhance the life of girls who are prone to child marriage and builds their capacity through regular sessions. We initiate meetings with parents through our NGO activities and delay the marriage session. Empower the children through community regular events and encourage children spreading awareness on the importance of marriage and discouraging situations. Women meet-up in a motive to prevent child marriages and stand against it. We also insist their role in the society and the development of the nation and the entire society. Assure on the child’s health maintenance, nutrition, education, freedom from violence, abuse, exploitation. We hope you to join hands with our team to grow the service and take it to as many places as possible in saving the child.


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