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Donate Money to Poor People

A healthy and happy life is the right of every individual. However, the scenario in our nation is topsy-turvy, many people are not able to get proper health care, some of them are not aware of it while others don't have enough funds to get cured.

Many people are unaware about the diseases and they get to know about it a late stage when the disease cannot be cured. Some of these include cardiovascular diseases, lung problems, cancer, kidney disease etc.

The problem becomes graver when it comes to poor people, who are not aware of it and many of them lose the battle of life, fighting critical illness. Such disease also adversely affect the life of the new-borns. In order to help them, Muskaan has taken an initiative to help the people suffering from critical illness.

Who we are – Muskaan is a non-profit organization that is working toward helping the poor and underprivileged section of the society. There are many people who are fighting a battle of life and many of them lose it because they don't have funds to pay for the treatment.

As a part of our social development endeavour, we have worked hard in raining public awareness, whether it is organizing public awareness camps or conducting public health check-up, Muskaan is doing its share of responsibility towards the society.

We envision creating a world which is free from any kind of social and physical ailments. In order to have a flourishing and developing society, it's important that we have healthy individuals who can contribute positively towards the development of the society.

Our mission is to help the poor and acquaint them with all the necessary health-related information. Precaution is better than cure and following this, we are working on public health awareness campaign.

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What can you do?

The contribution of every individual can be a great step in bringing a revolution in the world. If you too wish to make a contribution, you can also volunteer in our volunteer program. You can help in public awareness, fundraising, organizing health campaign. You can also help these people by donating a significant amount. By donating money, you can help people who are fighting disease and are not able to afford the medication.

So, if you are a responsible individual and feel for the destitute, it's time that you take a step forward and help them survive.

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need sponsor for poor people, contribute money online to poor people
need sponsor for poor people, contribute money online to poor people
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