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Kidney failure

Kidney failure

Our body is the precious gift of God.  It’s consists of several small and big parts and all body parts are equally important for us.  Even if a small part is stop working that can leads to big loss. There are several visible parts and several invisible parts. But all the parts in the human body are very important.  One of the important parts of the human body is Kidney.

Kidney failure

Kidney is one of the hidden parts of the body whose work is to filter the waste from the blood.  If our kidney stop working that may causes a big loss. First of all the basic symptoms of kidney failure are, there will be gatherings of waste products in the body. Secondly, the because of this there will be constant weakness, dizziness, shortness of breath, parasitism, swelling and confusion.

After meditation, dialysis and kidney transplantations are the two ways to prevent save human life from the kidney failure. Medicines are helpful at a certain point, but basically patients are referred to go for either dialyses or for the kidney transplantation.  Both of these ways are quite very expansive.  For some people they are able to manage the expenses of dialysis but for some they were not.  In fact as we have been aware with the fact that India is a developing country since a big portion of the nation belongs from poor family.  And it is quite clear that for those people who are not worthy to pay for their two time meals it been quite very tough for them to manage to pay for their expensive of meditation, dialysis and kidney transplantation.


Muskan is an NGO who has been working for the various social causes from past fifteen years. We have been in helping the society for the various social causes   our variety of services. One of our main motives is to unfold from every face. And for this reason we are trying to reach out to those people who are bound in their problems. 

Kidney failure is one of the major problems that the world is facing today.  For the rich people it is quite easier to manage the expenses but for some other peoples this is quite a big problem to manage the expenses of the medical facilities. Muskan became a light for all those people who are unworthy to pay for their expenses of the medical treatments and medicines. We are providing monetary support for the kidney failure people, as well as we are also paying the medical expenses for the kidney failure people. And even trying to support people required kidney transplantation.

We would like to encourage you come forward and donate for the people suffering from the kidney failure.  Our one donation can change the scenario of the world. We should never need to forget that someone is in the need of our help. Help now.

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