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donate for child labor,contribute for child labor

Donate to Prevent Child Labor and Exploitation | Muskan

Donate for Child Labors Prevention

Children are the gift of God, but the unfortunate truth about our nation is that despite being a nature where humanity is considered as Godliness, we have many children either left in the orphanage or they are forced to enter beggary. There are various factors that lead to such sadistic conditions, poverty, and lack of education, are the primary reason for this.

Who we are – Muskan is a non-profit organization and we have established ourselves to create a platform that can help the unprivileged and parentless children.We are an independent, non-governmental, social development organization. We provide family-based care to the parentless or abandoned children in India. Apart from helping the poor and abandoned children, we also help then stand confidently by educating them and teaching them necessary skills so that they can easily earn their livelihood in future.

Muskan's objective is simple and clear, we stand for orphaned children. For us every child deserves to have a happy childhood and to ensure this, we have made sure that with ur arduous efforts we are able to help in by saving their rights, educating them and teaching them the right way of living. As a child saving and child helping NGO, we have created measurable, repeatable systematic method to ensure, the safety, security, and education of children.

Snapshot at Muskan Works-

  • We help in resettling children
  • We ensure that our organization meet the 12 rights of Child and raise them as per international standards
  • Transition of orphans into a confident individual

We envision a happy family for every child and in order to ensure this, Muskan takes all the necessary steps that will help them rehabilitate.

financially help to child labor prevention, donate for child labor prevention

What can you do?

You might have seen various children begging at the traffic signal or heard about a baby found in the dump yard. This might have often raised a question in your mind, "If you could do something to help them?" Muskan has the answer for it, if you wish to help such children or want to make a contribution to improving their lives, you can do that by connecting in our volunteer program, whether it's about adopting a child or making a donation, you can do that by connecting with us. We believe in transparency, you can visit our centre. Remember, you have the power to transform the lives of orphaned children and Muskan enables you to do so.

We would love to encourage you that your one donation has the power to change the world. Some one is desperately needed your help. Donate now.

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financially help to child labor prevention, donate for child labor prevention
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