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Love and Peace are the two important weapons which the world is required these days. It is very easy to prove our self from fighting but it is most difficult to win from peace. Conflicts are the part of the human life. Every individual has conflicts but it is better to finish the conflicts on the spot instead of increasing it. Sometimes conflicts reaches into different levels and it's takes a different form, a form of killing, a form of rebellion, a form of comparison, a form of struggle of showing oneself superior. And for this people started using different ways to take revenge and for this they either kill someone, they beat him, they kidnapped each other and various other ways. One of the ways that might have been visible from the year 1990 is known as acid attack.

What is Acid Attack?

Throwing acid on someone is called Acid Attack. In these kinds of attacks mostly people use Nitric or Sulfuric acid. And Hydrochloric acid in very less cases. The reason behind not using the Hydrochloric acid is that, it causes less damage.As per the statics there are 802 acid attack cases happened in the entire India from 2011-2015.Which is too much. Nobody has right to harm anyone.

Effect of Acid Attack

Acid Attack has very worst effect on individual's life. It affects physical as well as physiological effect. Mostly the attackers target victims face. Therefore, the effects on face cause deformity. Eyelids and lips were totally destroyed. It causes deafness at the same time eyes were totally dried up and lead to blindness. Nose shrinks and sometimes the whole of nose may close off. Mouth shrinks and there is difficulty in eating, and breathing. Behind all these effects a definite pain is always there in one's body. And the entire body deformities. Because of the deformity in individual's face it affects physiological effect also and individual may suffer from depression and mental stress.

Out efforts

Live became a toughest challenge for the acid attack victims and it became difficult for them to survive in the open air. May be the physical wounds may heel by time but the physiological wounds will never leave.

There are many famous cases where the acid attack victims have created a bench mark for others. The way they had fight with the situation and the way they won the battle it really a matter of praise. But still there are several of cases who need our support, who needs our love, who needs our care, who needs our acceptance. Treatment of acid attacks is so expensive that it is very difficult for an individual to pay those expensive.

Muskan is an Ngo has been in the battle field of the social work from past many years. Muskan has been involved in various social cause and helping government enthusiastically for several projects and individually as well. Acid Attacks are worst ever form of rebellion and Muskan wants to vanish it from the nation. For this purpose we need your help. Muskan wants to support all those victims who have been fighting with these attacks. We are already providing monetary support to some of the acid attack victims and even we are helping them to fight legal battle. But this is not the easiest task. To help others we need your help.

We know there are lots of people who are enthusiastic to help others but they did not get the right direction. And Muskan wants you to provide that platform. If you are really interested then kindly send your donation on the mentioned address. Or you can call us as well.

We would like to encourage you that your one step has the power to change the world. So do not stop. Someone is desperately needed your help. Donate now.

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