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Donate | Support | Help For Heart Attacks Patients in India

Myocardial infarction

Heart attach happens when the heart did not get oxygen. As per statics there are 17.3 million heart attack cases around the world. And almost within every 33 second somewhere around the India someone is getting heart attack.

Common signs of heart attack

Rushing and crushing kind of arise in Pain in the arms, chest, and upper abdominal, shoulder blades. Secondly, there will be cold sweat, dizziness and light headache can happened. Thirdly, there will be discomfort and lightness can happen. Fourthly, there will be discomfort of especially on the chest.

Precautions taken to save from the heart attacks.

We all have been aware with the fact that health is wealth. And to take care of this health what we all need to do to take care of our health. We can take care of health by the following ways:

First of all we need to connect with the doctors and strictly maintain the regular checkups. Secondly, we need to avoid smoking and those who are addicted of that make sure that they are not using someone else's smoke. Thirdly, need to make sure take care of blood pressure. Make sure that blood pressure is not too high or not to low. Fourthly, need to maintain cholesterol. The risk of heart attack increases for the over weighted person. Fifthly, we need to maintain our calories. Sixthly, exercise should be the part of our daily routine and along with that we need to council the doctor first before taking any medicine ever for very small pain as well. At last avoid stress. Make sure that you are not taking too much stress.

Muskan Vision

Muskan is an NGO who has been in the battle field of fighting with heart attack from past fifteen years. We had our several projects running for the heart patient across the India. As our name our aim is to unfold smile from every face. And we are already in the social area from past fifteen years and now we are working among the Heart patients. We had our various programs going on against the heart attacks. Our programs include, creating awareness about heart attacks and aware them how to take precautions for it. We had opened some of the small dispensaries where we are providing free treatment and medicine to the heart attack patients. Thirdly, we are supporting heart patients nationally.

Muskan's proposal

Muskan has been working for heat patient from past many years. And had supported millions of people. All our moves have been went into right direction just because of you people. We really wants to give a big thanks to all our people who has been supported us through out and because of you people we are able to unfolds smile from millions of faces. Now, if anyone is interested in supporting us more then please send your donation/contribution/ help to us. What all you need to do is just call muskan. Muskan welcomes you to serve the society with us. You can contribute us in any form either you can send monetary help or materialistic help or you can be the volunteer.

We would always like to remind you that someone is in the need of your help and your one help the power to change the world. Don't stop your hand from giving and keep supporting us.

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