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Living with Dignity – Help the old people

Did you know that currently India has 95 million people above the age of 60 and this number is expected to rise by another 80 million in the year 2025? The unfortunate truth about our society is that the people who most need our help at this age are left alone. Changing family customs, financial constraints and neglecting attitude towards them, have left them all alone. Such people are prone to poor health conditions, depression and loneliness. Although there are old age home and many NGOs working towards the betterment of the elderly people,9 we still have a major chunk of the society forced to live a poor and life of destitute.

Who we are – Muskan is a social development organization which was started to transform the lives of unprivileged and abandoned people. Helping the elderly people is our primary objective. People at this age are very vulnerable and need the love, care and attention of their loved ones. Muskan is working to bring back the lost smile on their face. We also wish to make them self0-sustainable so that they can live a life of dignity.

We have also extended financial help to the elderly people and continue to do the same in the times to come. As a part of our social development endeavour, we have also established a home for the elderly where they can live a happy life.

Muskan wishes to continue working for the care and dignity of the elderly and improve their life.We envision creating a society where old age people can live a healthy, happy and dignified life. In order to ensure this, we have taken various initiatives, starting from fundraising, organizing workshops, to street shows; we have done everything that can help in raising awareness.

In our fight against poverty and negligence against the old, we have taken this initiative to bring together people who can help them. We are also making the elder aware about the Elders Right which includes Right to Universal pension, Right to adequate health insurance and many others.

We envision creating livelihood security for the elders, ensuring the health security of the elderly and also creating a happy environment for them.

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What can you do?

If you wish to work for the society and make a contribution to ensure healthy and happy life for the old aged people, you can volunteer in our program or else you can also donate the desired amount which can be helpful in making their life a happy one.

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