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There is no denial to the fact that India is a pastoral nation where Cow is not just an animal, rather, it is an animal which has holy significance. We worship it as God and offering her food is considered tbe very auspicious. Despite all this, the condition of cows in India is dismal. From being commercially butchered to their pathetic conditions, saving the cows has become very important and thus, Muskan has come up with, "Saving the Cows" initiative. This move of ours is to improve the living conditions of the cow so that they can survive for long and also produce a good quantity of milk which will further help our nation.

Who are we?

We are an organization that stands against the bad and protects the good. Muskan has done a lot of work for the marginalized section of the society and we have also extended our helping hands to the animals. Saving the Cows is a similar initiative wherein we have established a shed where cows are fed and nurtured under the best conditions. You can anytime come and visit this and show your gesture of kindness to these animals who are longing for love, affection, and care.

Starting a gaushala was not an easy task, these animals need care and love just like a child and we are making all possible efforts to achieve this.

From feeding them to their proper medication, Muskan does it all with the help of our social workers.

Apart from forming shed for the cows, we also provide medical aid to these animals, irrespective of the fact that they in our premises or outside. We have also received great accolades from people for this initiative of ours.

need sponsor for goushala, contribute money online to goushala

What can you do?

You can also join us in this movement and help to save the lives of the cows. You can visit our gaushala and feed the cows, you can also donate a generous amount which will be used for the betterment of animal conditions. Moreover, you can any time drop in to see how we are taking care of animals and how the money is being used.

It's important that is we are able to bring change and transform the life, we should do it without hesitation. Animals also need love and affection similar to human. Remember, every life counts.

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