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Financially Help, Suuport & Contribute Money Online to Flood Victims

Helping the Flood Affected People

Did you know that India stands in the top 5 nations of the world where a natural disaster like the flood has claimed life and destruction? As per UN report around 6000 people died because of the flood in India in 2013 and this number keeps on increasing every year. The aftermath of the flood is devastating, it not only claims life but it also leads to the destruction of the entire area leaving no scope of health, hygiene, and development. It not only leaves people handicapped but also terrorized.

With such a massive destruction, it is not easy for them to restart their lives easier; we can definitely not control the natural disaster like the flood but what we can do is control the after-effects. We can be helpful for people and help them re-establishing their lives. Muskan is an initiative in a similar direction which helps flood-affected people by not only supporting them with money but also making an on-field presence so that the help reaches the individuals and the needy.

financially help to flood victims, financially support to flood victims

Who are we?

We are a social development NGO which is working to improve the structure of the society by helping the people. There is a need for a system in our society which can help the unprivileged, needy and poor who cannot fight their own battle, Muskan is a medium to bring this help to the people.

We don't claim to be revolutionist but we definitely are social developers which are working to bring a change in the society. Every small step counts, and our "Helping the Flood affected People," is one such initiative which has helped many lives in the past, present and we will continue to do the same in the future.

As a part of our helping the flood-affected people, we provide monetary help and we have also started working for the re-settlement of the flood-affected people.

What can you do?

Muskan believes in, "Together we grow". We believe that when people come together they can bring great change, not in their lives but also the lives of others. We welcome people who want to work for the society or want to make a contribution to help the people. We have a transparent system of donation wherein we always keep you updated with all the work which is going on and how the money is being used to help people. So, if you wish to make a change in someone's' life and bringMuskan on their face, connect with us today.

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