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need sponsor for rape victims, financilly support to rape victims

Financially Help, Suuport & Contribute Money Online to Rape Victims

Financially Help & Support Rape Victims

Did you know that the rape is the fourth most common crime in India? As per the report of National Crime Record Bureau 2013, around 25,000 cases of rape were reported in the year 2012. Whereas these numbers are on record, many cases go unrecorded. The rising pace of crime against women, especially rape has raised many questions about their safety and security. This becomes one of the reasons that many parents don't allow girls to complete education. Well, this is just one side of the story, the most horrific side of the story is the condition and mental trauma a girl undergoes. Many girls commit suicide while many others are forced to live a wrecked life. The irony of the society is that everyone blames the girl, sometimes, it's their dressing style, and sometimes their work or their nature is questioned. Muskan wants to change this myth surrounding the society.

Who are we?

Muskan is a social organization which works continuously for the betterment of the society. Women are an important pillar of the society and they deserve every bit of respect and care. We have taken an initiative to help the rape victims. Our first priority is to change the idea that rape is a girl's fault; although it's the most difficult task we are trying our best to make this reform in the society. We also help in upskilling the poor girls so that they can stand confident in the society and earn their livelihood. Muskan also goes a step ahead by extending legal help and medical facilities to the victims.

We also help in training the girls on self-safety measures so that they are not bothered by other elements of the society. We organize various street plays, workshops and awareness-generation camp which work for informing people about this heinous act and how can the victim fight the battle.

contribute money online to rape victims, financilly help to rape victims

Who are we?

We believe that every individual's contribution counts. You can join our move by donating money to help the rape victims rehabilitate or you can also become a part of our program wherein you can actively work with our team. You can help in generating awareness about this crime and how can it be reduced. But, more than anything, if you notice any such act, take action to stop it. Any crime can only culminate if people start raising their voice. Its high time that we start working on making a safe and secure society where women can move out without pepper spray in their bags and a fear in their mind.

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