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donate to help tuberculosis patients,contribute to help for tuberculosis patients

Donate to Help For Tuberculosis Patients

Doante for TB Patients

Today, the world is busy in their work. They have no time for themselves, they have no time for others, and they are so much busy in this world that they even could not find time for themselves. There is a great rush in one's life at today's world and now in this busy schedule where technology is stabling on the other hand people with the establishment of technology there are new dieses maintaining their place in an individual's life. One of such harmful daises name is Tuberculosis.

What is Tuberculosis?

Tuberculosis is basically dieses spread from person to person. It is a kind of air pollution spread from one person to another. When people having Tuberculosis 'TB' sneeze or cough then the bacteria of TB (Tuberculosis) has spread in the air and set with the people who do not having Tuberculosis.

Symptoms:Symptoms of Tuberculosis included cough sometimes with blood, night fever and sweeting and weight loss. Basically, there are usually no symptoms and most of the times cough more than three weeks. But usually there is pain in the chest during the Tuberculosis.

A statics show that within every year there are 220,000 cases of tuberculosis has been registered. This is too high.

financially help to tb patients, financially support to tb patients

Muskan is an NGO who has been working in the area of social field. Muskan holds fifteen years of experience and have various ongoing projects. As per the death statics in India reveals that India has the harsh condition in case of Tuberculosis. Many people are not willing to pay the expenses of medicine and that's why they needed to be suffered. In most of the cases people are not aware with the diseases and they thought it's a common cough and cold and they need to suffer from it.

Muskan is creating awareness about the various dieses especially about the dieses like Tuberculosis which people usually let to go. And we are actively organizing medical camps and having a regular medical van which purpose to go and reach to the needy. Even though we are also providing free medicine to the people and at the same time we are trying to reach to the needy that has been suffering from the tuberculosis.

Muskanis believes in unity, we believes in the power of sharing and that's why we really wants to give a big thanks to the people who has been supporting us. Because of people like you we had been working and helping. We would like to encourage you that your donations are so important for us. No matter how much you are supporting. But your support is so much precious for us. So keep send your donations.

Always remember that someone is desperately in the need of your help. And your one help has the power to change the world. So do not stop your hand for generosity and keep sending your donation.

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financially help to tb patients, financially support to tb patients
need sponsor for tb patients in india
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