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Donate to People With Disabilities | Help to Disabled Persons

Donate Online for physically challenged people

All the people in this earth are born with some special talents someone is good at singing, someone at dancing, someone on writing, and wither someone else in some other work. Muskan believes that every human being is blessed with talents but sometimes we are unable to find out our talents. Some people are creative that they polish their talents and create opportunities for themselves wither some are unable to do that. There is always an opposite word for something. And maybe there are people who have naturally lack of something in their body and these people are known as disabled.

Support Disabled People

Disability is the Physical or mental loss which has long time effect in order to lead a normal life is known as disability. Disability can be of many types. Difficulty in hearing, listening, seeing, lacking of any part or mental disability.

Donate Money to Disabled People for Treatmet

Various kind of disability has various kinds of treatments. There is not a single treatment through which one can be heal from all the disabilities. And even in some cases treatment is impossible therefore, at that time patient needs to live life time in such condition.

Donate for the people with disability

Even though the government is running lots of programs for the disabled people but still there are lots of people who are not yet profited with such programs. Therefore, being an aware citizen of the nation this is our duty to help disabled people.

Muskan is an NGO who has been working for the disabled people and has been in the field from last 15 years. Helping government and needy for the various social cause. We are helping disabled people through our various projects.

Our projects include: A blind school for the blind kids, deaf and dumb school for the deaf and dumb kids. Skill program for the differently able person. We had a group of consultancies whose focus is to provide placement only for the people with disabilities.

Muskan offers you to be the part of this social cause. If you are interested to help those people who are with disabilities then we would love to invite to be the part of our projects. If you really wants to help us then kindly send your donation on the mentioned address or you can even call us too.

Muskan always wants to remind you that your one step has the power to change the world. Don't stop your hand for generosity and always remember that someone is desperately needs your help. Help now.

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