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Donate for Widows | Help Financially to Widows

Opening new Window of Hope for the Widows

It's an undefined fact that India is a patriarchal society wherein the life and dignity of women are defined by her surname. First, it's her father and then her husband. But, the situation worsens when a woman is left alone as a widow. The fact of the matter is that the number of a widow in India has escalated in the past one decade. There is a big percentage of women who need help, they are either widowed or left by their husband. According to a census released in 2011, in a population of 121 crores, 5.6crores are widowed. And this number continues to increase. Windows neither get an acceptance in their maternal family and they are also abandoned by the in-laws. Muskan has taken this initiative to help the widows and support them in all possible manner.

Who are we -Muskan is supportive and women development NGO where our effort is to improve the conditions of widows in India, either by providing them shelter or training them so that they can support themselves.

As a progressive organization working for the welfare of the society, Muskan believes that women are an important asset and they need due respect, care, and safety. This becomes even more important for widows. Many widows are abandoned by their family and because of lack of shelter, funds, and education, they are either pushed in human trafficking, beggary and other illicit acts which further ruins their life.

We believe that by helping this section of society, we can definitely bring a reform in their lives and further improve our society.

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What can you do?

"Sharing is caring", this is a popular phrase which we always teach our children, but, it's time that we start climbing this phrase in our lives. You can get involved with Muskan, either by volunteering to help the widows and educating them or you can opt to donate some amount which can help us improve their standard of living. You can work with us in public awareness programs, workshops, fundraising acts etc.

If you want to do monetary help to rehabilitate widows, you can do that as well. Muskan helps in resettling these women in our NGO, we also help widows by teaching them necessary skills so that they are able to survive happily in life.

If you wish to know more on this, you can connect with us today.

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