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Dowry Prohibition Act- Legal Solution To A Social Problem

Dowry Prohibition Act- Legal Solution To A Social Problem

Harassing women is a crime; the main reason behind this torture is dowries. It is a horrible condition when a woman has to bear the stress and pain. Moreover, India is an epicenter, where dowry demands are increasing day by day. Yes, there is Dowry Prohibition Act, but still, there are some areas where no one knows about such laws. This is a social evil which affects poor or middle-class families.

Due to lack of education and awareness women have even sacrificed with their lives. It depicts that, still there is discrimination between daughter and sons. It is quite shameful that people are misusing the term “kanyadan”.  According to a poor mindset during daughter’s marriage giving cash and jewelry comes under Indian culture. Thus to eradicate such thoughts, laws are reformed by the government. Special attention has given towards girl’s education so that they can take strict actions if anyone tries to harass them. 

Along with this Dowry Prohibition Act, 1961 is also modified. With imprisonment and fine charges are mandate against criminals. If police refuse to do so, then legal actions are taken toward them also.
It depicts that cruelty against women will not be tolerated more. Now it is important to think wider, women have to raise their voice.

Essential steps for eradicating dowry:

Dowry Prohibition Act, 1961 states that it is important to complaint against such families instead of bearing pain. Judiciary can help you if you file a petition in court; therefore to do so it is important to educate your daughters:
  • Value your daughter’s education and her career
  • Make them independent and responsible
  • Do not discriminate daughters and sons; treat them equally
  • Say "no" to people who demand dowry
Understand the law on dowry in India:

Understand the law on dowry in India

To take strict action, it is important to understand the laws of dowry. So at Muskan an NGO, we want that people should get familiar with it.  

  • According to the Act, giving or taking dowry is prohibited. Bride parents can complaint against such people in police station. Hence demanding or advertising dowry is banned.
  • If you are giving gifts to bride, then it's your duty to give all the presents to bride.
  • According to the Indian Penal Code, 1860 it is a serious crime if you harass women. Moreover, cruelty or dowry death leads to lifetime imprisonment.
  • Our judiciary has added Section 498A which is for Cruelty against Married Woman in the year 1983.
  • Section 304-B is about Dowry Deaths was established in 1986. In this, special punishments are there for people who become so cruel for dowry, that women have to suicide or are burnet.

In 2005 ‘The Protection of Women against Domestic Violence Act' was established in which along with punishment there are some amenities offered to victims. In this, for the relief of victim special care is provided in the form of providing residents, maintenance, restraining orders, and custody to children, etc.

Get rid of social thinking:

Empowering girls and educating them is very important so that they can take stand for themselves.  Instead of taking a loan for dowry, it will be beneficial if parents will think same for education. With your efforts we at Muskan help us in realizing girls about self-reliant and independency. It is important to concentrate on a career, not marriage.

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