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The most effective part of life is education which gives change in the society. A child notices positive change only when a child starts his/her schooling, they set their life cycle. Even today more than thousands of children in India do not know to write their names or they do not have the access to learn. Above all these, children between the ages 11 to 14 years are more prone to dropouts and have been categorized under vulnerable class. It is a proven fact that an educated child always stays away from child or early marriages. She stands up and raises voice against such exploitation also she gets empowered by then. The growth of the child determines their choice and keeps them away from the community influence. The present life is transformed and assures a great and safe future.

The fast growing illiteracy in India is still seen in many parts and is the top drawback noted even today. Around 74.04% of literate people are noted in the country. The level of illiteracy is doubled as the effect of illiteracy in the census taken since 2011.

The long way for universal education is achieved and affects the education for children and the illiteracy in adult becomes higher showing effects on them. Malnutrition and anaemia is common among the uneducated mothers when measured in statistic scale. These illiterate adults show unwillingness to send their children to school. There is probability to abolish abuse, malnutrition, poverty and oppression. This on attention reduces the rate of illiteracy.

The long way for universal education

In a census, there is recorded report that 35 percent of children are stagnated at Elementary school and are disabled throughout their lifetime. DISE in 2012 – 2013 combined with the National Dropout Rate has released a census on the children percentage, who dropped out at the elementary level this ranges around 40%.

The Right to Education Act is made mandatory from 2010. Our Country holds a major responsibility to take the education to every child of the nation. This right to educate and its seriousness are represented in the form of statistics with the following data.
  • 99 million children were found to be drop out in the year 2010. If it had been in basic calculation 1 in 4 children are in danger of not getting education.
  • Only 32 kids finish their education out of every 100 children according to the government age restriction. This is based on District Information System for Education (DISE) 2014-15.
  • Among all these only 12 percent of the schools offers till 12th standard.
  • Around 10.13 million children between 10-14 years are found as child labourers in India.
  • 5 – 18 years child labourers are working in India that is around 33 million.
  • 42 percent in India the girl child becomes married women.
  • Out of 3, 1 is a child during marriage still in India.
  • India has recorded that around 45 lakh girls are of 15 or less than 15 years of age during marriage and another child is married and by the age of 15 each have two children.

Girl Child And Education
We at Muskan focus to bring up the girl’s independence and increase the chance of education in the girl’s life. We create the best opportunity for the girls to become literate without hindrance. Muskaan struggles to give a tough fight against illiteracy. We focus to give our kids good basic knowledge up to class 12. Also, we hope to get support from the best supporters like you. The support you give is the most precious thing we expect. Always we like to accept your valuable support towards us in any form like donation or free teaching to our kids.


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