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Gender Inequality

Gender inequality is a wide and commonest problem noticed among Indian society. This societal problem is even more troublesome for girl child. As they are killed or stand as an unwanted extra burden for the family. If she escapes during her foetal life or during the infanthood, she is caught on her childhood and killed under sex determination. Now the sex ratio is screwed drastically at a rio of 1000 boys : 908 girls in India alone. This is one reason that the concentration on balanced life is very essential. Determination of sex has also led to innumerable drop out from schools and illiterate population. 


With excellent patriotism, women is graded below men. Seeing the sun shine is a great opportunity for the girl child in the world. 
Despite women proving their strengths and capabilities in all the possible field, it is a shame on our country level of mindset. There had been a lot of great achievers from the women community in all the fields. These rebellions has given so much preference in decision making and ruling, while factually, always men dominate women! 
The celebration of a female newborn is carried out with glitz and ardor as well these female community is pushed to household works and the birth of her is received with hat redness. Prenatal Diagnostic Technique Act of 1994 encompass the protection against female feticide in India. With the census, we can find that the child separated with discrimination. This inequality has become very popular in almost everything. There is no bright light in the Indian society to show vision for empowering of the female. 

Effects of gender inequality
According to 2011 census, 
  • 42% of marriages were child marriage (District Information System for Education (DISE) 3).
  • Among every 3 marriages 1 is a child bride in India (UNICEF).
  • According to Census 2011, among the Indian population, 45 lakh girls were married under 15 years. And around 75% of females have 2 kids.  

It is the duty of every Indian citizen to bring up the awareness to the world on saving the girl child and their future. The continuous efforts on abolishing the gender inequality or the difference among the girl child and the boy child is of major concern. It is very important to place both girl and boy at equal positions.  As well as provide every single opportunity to both to prove their talents and grow with full protection. 

Effects of gender inequality on development

Muskan foundation focus on taking the girl child to the next leap step as a jump in eradicating the girl and boy inequality, assuring growth with complete protection. Development of the girl child in education, myths and bias against girl kid is eradicated with good awareness providing. Guaranteed implementation of state accountability in favour of girls. Entrepreneur and business development is given high importance in developing girl community. 

Our motive is to stand as a pillar of support for every female child. Changing her in to a bold idol and others to stand as the followers.

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