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Green Urban Mobility Scheme

Green Urban Mobility Scheme

Green Urban Mobility Scheme

As we all know about the alarm rising all over the globe due to high population rate, most of the cities in India has the population level higher than the danger zone. In particular, the nation's capital Delhi that has been shown as a topmost city in the air polluted cities of the globe. By considering these facts & to protect the human race in the universe numerous awareness campaigns & precautions measures are taken by numerous countries all over the world. India is not at all an exception in that list.

Recently, the central government of India has implemented the 'Green Urban Mobility' scheme that intended to boost the eco-friendly mode of transportation. As the increase of motorists & other vehicles in urban cities of the nation, it seems to be a red alarm situation for the government to launch the effective procedure to divert the people towards using non-motorized transportation like a footpath, cycling or by any other mode through which lesser population will be emitted.

About Green Urban Mobility Scheme

The government is establishing a scheme to make the cities green & more eco-friendly. Green Urban Mobility Scheme is launched by the government to promote the usage of electric/hybrid vehicles, non-motorized transport like cycle tracks, footpaths and non-fossil fuel amongst other modes of public transportation. Under the Green Urban Mobility Scheme, the government will provide the usage of green public transportation.

In the starting process, the scheme would be launched in 103 cities. The scheme will be finalized by Minister of state for the sake of urban development after taking views from the concerned stakeholders. Then the scheme will be presented to be a cabinet for further implementation. This scheme is implemented on 16th March 2017 by the government of India to promote the use of electric or hybrid vehicles as well as non-fossil fuels among other public transport.

Initially Covered Area And Contribution Towards The Scheme

The central government planned to launch the Green Mobility scheme for the public transportation of urban cities which has a total populace of 5 lakhs, about 103 cities are expected to get transportation changes in terms of public transport option. Through this scheme, the public transport vehicles will be implemented with intelligent systems that monitor the emission of engine carbon levels.

To implement this eco-friendly scheme in those chosen areas, the government decides to invest about 70000 crores. Those whopping amount will be shared by central, state government along with the financial help of multilateral agencies. Through this eco-friendly scheme, the public transports will be converted into hybrid or electric vehicles by using non-fossil fuels.

Key Features Of Green Urban Mobility Scheme

The key features of green urban mobility scheme include the following points:

  • At the beginning, this scheme would cover around 103 cities having 5 lakh populations within the time period of 7 years, would necessitate establishing cycle tracks, footpaths, public bike sharing, intelligent transport system, bus rapid transit (BRT) systems, non-fossil fuels for public transportation & urban freight management and financing facilities for transport system.
  • The government has planned to encourage the non-motorized transportation in urban cities by decreasing the carbon emission released from motorized transportation.
  • This scheme tends to play a predominant role, other than converting the public mode of transportations through metro rail system in selected urban cities of India. Around Rs. 70000 crores would be invested in this scheme.
  • Through this scheme, 10% amount will be offered by urban local bodies, 30% amount would be provided by state and central government & the remaining 60% amount would be got as a loan from multilateral agencies.
  • Under this scheme, new policy initiatives will be created to cheer up private investments in sustainable and weather friendly public transportation method like Non-motorized transport, metro rail, and other lower-carbon emitting systems in urban areas.
  • Through this scheme, edition of Metro acts and standardization & indigenization of metro systems also includes new metro rail policy which aims at increasing private sector participation.

Important Points To Be Noted

  • This newest eco-friendly Green Urban Mobility scheme was expressed by urban development minister Mr. Shri M. Venkaiah Naidu and informed that this scheme is presently under analysis to make it much more effective.
  • According to the data issued by the minister, this eco-friendly system will play a crucial role in converting the public transportation system other a metro rail systems in those chosen urban cities of the nation.
  • The officials of the appropriate public transportation department say that they are working to replace the engines of public transport systems with the new ones that emit lower carbon level.
  • The participants of private companies will play an indispensable role in the thriving implementation of this eco-friendly mode of transportation.
  • With the intention of creating awareness amongst people, the 4-day conference is planned to be organized regarding Urban Mobility India and also separate Expo will be implemented at Gandhinagar.
  • Due to the initiatives towards eco-system, the government is encouraging the non-motorized transportation in the urban cities with the aim of reducing carbon emission from motorized transportation.

Thus Green Urban Mobility Scheme will offer the safe, reliable and comfortable mode of eco-friendly public transportation and decrease the demand for private motorized vehicles. This scheme will make use of green public transports & cheer-up the growth of urban transport along lower carbon path for decreasing the harmful pollution.

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