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Help for critical illness of the people

Help for critical illness of the people

Health is wealth. This is the desire of all the human beings to have healthy life style and for that they are doing lots of efforts like gym , morning and evening walks, yoga, eating proteins and every best efforts which all they can do. Very few people are there in these worlds that are careless about their health. Rather than that every single person in this world is worried about their health.  Definitely….they needs to be!!! After all this is their health and in fact we all need to be take care of our health.  For even a single cold or cough we started taking medicines, we went to doctor and did all the tests. But you know what guys there are lots of people who are suffering from the major health problems like cancer, Kidney failure and many more. These are problems whose treatment is not easily possible and ask those people who suffering from these problems how much pain is there in their heart.

  That person who suffers from critical illness they are not only suffers alone but at the same time there family also suffers with them. Patient seems physically sick but at the same time he is psychologically ill too and even if we left patient there family is also suffering with them.  Recently, I was reading a face book story where a boy who was in coma from around 5 years and after he came out of coma he said that even though I was in comma but I listen every single word what the others has said about me and I also listen when my mom says “I wish he could die”. Just imagine how much painful this for a lady to say for her own child. It is very difficult and painful…..

It’s not possible that every time financial conditions are good. It might be bad in many cases and for those people it is even hard. Sometimes, when the head of the family is sick then this condition become worst and wrester since he is the only source of earning in the home and result illiteracy, poverty and all. Therefore, as citizen to support those patients who are suffering from critical illness. Illness could be anything but it is our duty to support those people who are suffering from it. Imagine what if this will happened to our home? Just imagine if this could be our condition and we are also facing from financial crises.

There are lots of NGO’s who are working for these causes what we can do is we can send our donation or help to them and they will deliver it to the needy one or we can directly help to the needy people. We are also humans and supporting humanity should be our priority. How we can support humanity by sending our help to them. Don’t wait for some one other to take a stand, its time for us to stand, it’s time for us to give our part.

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