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How The Agriculture Is Being Affected By Global Warming

How The Agriculture Is Being Affected By Global Warming
Agriculture is known as the backbone of the economy of India. However, agriculture usually relies upon the monsoon season arrival and departure. The rise in global temperature does not only result in climate change but also brings irregular patterns of rainfall. The factors such as increased temperature, uneven rainfall as well as elevate CO2 in atmosphere are some of the vital climatic parameters that affect the production of crop. The rising temperature of a place might affect the yield of crops at large scale. The present studies have proven this that crop production usually depends upon temperature. Global warming affects the production of crop by various methods. Here are some of the ways that can affect the production of crop.

How agriculture is contributing climate change?
Agriculture when it is about intensive agriculture is usually characterized by monocultures and aims to feed all the farm animals. However, feeding farm animals is one of the sectors that generate the highest amount of CO2 emission. This quantity could be compared with the sum of CO2 that is emitted with every type of transportation.
This also occurs because agriculture requires an increasing amount of space along with the massive amount of the fertilizers. However, now they demand for meat as well as its products have been increased dramatically in all the developing countries. This usually damages forests and it is able to absorb CO2. Moreover, this helps in mitigating the man-made or anthropic emissions.

Mostly, whenever the agriculture perpetrates its crime, it does not even contribute to feed the population world that has been increasing. In fact, the 95 % of all the soy that is produced all over world by farm animals. This is the only thing that can easily demonstrate this conflict.

Impacts of climate change


Hydrologic cycle now usually involves intense as well as frequent floods and droughts in different regions where agriculture is important. These events can also damage as well as decrease the production of crop. This is one of the major impacts of global warming on agriculture.


The temperature usually tends to increase at least by 1 degree every year and this will continue for some years. The anticipated regionally dependent change involves the increase number of warm nights as well as heat waves. Moreover, this also involve decreasing number of frost days as well as longer growing season inside temperate zones.

Impact Of Climate Change


The concentrations of CO2 is likely to be increased by 450 parts per million by volume (i.e. ppmv). The response of CO2 is usually expected to be higher on the C3 species and it accounts for more than 95 percent of world species that is on C4 species. C3 weeds are well known for responding well in elevating the level of CO2. However, this help in symbolizing potential for the increased weed pressure as well as reducing the production of crops.

Crop Biodiversity

The distribution of the relatives of wild crop and it is increasingly important resource of genes for the crop breeding and it would be affected severely.

Agriculture helps in increasing the economy of a country or a state. Hence, agriculture have been widely affected by the global warming. So Muskan an NGO, has tried to initiate in protecting our agriculture. WE understand that it is our major duty, so it’s time to show your concern. There are many things that you need to consider and above are some of the harmful effects of global warming on agriculture.

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