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Law and orders to stop dowry-related violence

Law And Orders To Stop Dowry Related Violence

Supreme Court has announced recently that giving and taking dowry are crimes. In Jodhpur court, a judgment was made, according to which police can file FIR against the bride's father. It is quite obvious that if demanding dowry is a crime, then giving dowry is also an offense. Bride’s parent has a right to say "no" and file a complaint if groom's parents demand dowry, during marriage. 

In recent years we have seen ample cases that are based on Dowry-related violence. It is a serious issue that needs to be stopped because it is affecting women and girls. By looking at rich people and their lavishing wedding parties, other citizens also get influenced. The main problem comes across when middle-class or poor families are unable to fulfill the demand of the groom's family. In such cases to get rid of social stigma like unmarried or divorced daughter, parents take a loan from lenders or banks.

Dowry related violence:

We have to understand that it is completely wrong to fulfill the unnecessary demands of groom’s family. Because once you start following their orders, then have to do it for lifetime. In case, if you are unable to do so, then women have to suffer. As a result, burnet cases or divorce petition, as well as dowry death cases, take place. It is quite shameful that even after having Dowry Prohibition Act, 1961; women are facing such types of problems. The main reason behind this can be unawareness and lack of education.

There are various organizations, which are regularly initiating to stop this social evil. At Muskan-an NGO, we are trying to aware girls about their rights. So that they can independently take stand for them and can say "no" to domestic violence. Don’t use it as a status symbol it is crime, in which strict punishment is the only solution. 

Dowry related violence

Legal steps which you can take:

 It’s time to understand that, girls and boys are equal; whether it is education, career or sports. Then, why to give dowry at the time of marriage? There are some laws and orders which are made for brides and groom family. In 2015, some modifications were made under Dowry Prohibition Act, 1961. Hence are explained below:
  • Section 3: It indicates that taking or giving dowry is a crime. So if, anyone complaint under this section; then imprisonment for 5-7 years is mandatory.
  • Section 4: If grooms parents demand dowry, then you can file a complaint under section 4. It is important to understand that it is an offense in which you have to pay fine as well as imprisonment.  
  • Section 498A of Indian Penal Code: The cruel behavior or physical harassment will never be tolerated. So if grooms family tortures their daughter-in-law to meet the dowry demands, then lifetime imprisonment is there. Whether, it is her relatives, guardian or husband.
  • Section 304B of Indian Penal Code: To stop the Dowry death, according to Section 304B if there is unnatural death of girl within 7-years of her marriage. Then strict punishment is there like lifetime imprisonment.
It is important to understand that these laws are made for us. So instead of bearing pain and stress, victim women can immediately register a complaint. 

Legal steps which you can take
We at Muskan an NGO are trying our best to help you out from this tough phase of life. In this we want your help and support, so anyone who wants to join us in ending this social evil can take part to take the concern at the next level.

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