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Make in India (Prime Minister Scheme)

Pradhan Mantri Make in India

India was once upon a time a rich country in terms of not only agriculture but industry and business too. But, due to various reasons, the quality and quantity of its rich products have been degrading making the Indian economy weak. Pradhan Mantri Narendra Modi realized the fact and soon after taking charge of his office in May 2014 he launched the policy – Pradhan Mantri Make in India on 25th September 2014. The policy is believed to uplift the slow and slumber phase of the country's economy by manufacturing finished products all by itself.

According to the logic presented by PM Modiji, Make in India tag is a must to heighten India's manufacturing skills in the global market. This will in a way generate enough revenue and increase the income of the country which in a way will prove to be beneficial for the country's sustainable growth and development. In here, you will get a brief and sketchy idea on the policy made. This includes the aim of the policy, it's grand launch, the basic implementation strategy, the projects of the policy, the rules of the policy, the registration process and the targetted industries for the policy. So, let us get started to focus one after the other and explore more about this policy.

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Aim of Pradhan Mantri Make in India

The basic aim of the policy had been to boost up the economy's health than it was when the UPA government was in power. According to our honorable PM, 15% is the average contribution in country's GDP coming from the domestic manufacturing unit. He demanded to increase this contribution percentage to 25% by domestic boost up made in the different manufacturing unit. This in a way will generate the employment level in the country. Also, this increase in involvement in the workforce will open up a wide world of opportunities to participate in the global market and boost up the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).

Basic Implementation Strategy of Pradhan Mantri Make in India

PM Modi has definitely proved to be the charismatic personality in the world. He has made certain basic implementation strategy of the policy. This undoubtedly has proved to be the best and wise one. The strategies of the policy's move have been jolted down in bullets. Enjoy the read.

  • The prime strategy has been decided to make the foreign investors feel really comfortable in making them believe that India is definitely a profitable place to invest their capital and get back the revenue-rich potential. This made just not the foreign investors to feel confident regarding the market of the country. This has also inspired the domestic business community and the citizens.
  • The second strategy was to select the targeted sectors that could be beneficial for the manufacturing purposes. This also demanded to pave a way out to provide all the necessary assistance for the growth of those sectors. A total of 25 sectors had been chosen. Just after the choose necessary technical information and the current market contribution by the sectors have been designed. And accordingly how the move will be have been chalked down.
  • The third strategy has been to share these entire search and found a report with the whole world. For this, social media has been chosen to take a big responsibility. In a way, this strategy made a great move in promoting the policy's motto.
  • The final strategy has been to project out the ease of doing business in the country for the investors. This has attracted the attention of the investors to do business comfortably as government and administrators of the area are there for their protection and support and all sort of assistance.

Grand Launch of Pradhan Mantri Make in India

Just after the return of PM Modi from his US trip, he headed the launching program of the policy held at Vigyan Bhawan on 25th September 2014. The launching program had been a grand success due to the presence of the country's leading industries CEOs named – Tata, Aditya Birla, Wipro, ITC and many others.

The program was also a grand success due to the presence of the CEOs from all over the world. It has been reported that in total 3000 companies of 30 countries have accepted the invitation of PM Modi and participated in the launch programme of the policy. Thus, the policy has proved to be grand just not in its aim but also in its strategized move and in its launch.

Projects of Pradhan Mantri Make in India

Till now you have learned a lot about the plans and expectations from the policy that the Modi Government has shown us. But, what is the actual scenario? Well, before moving further with the explicit know-how of the policy or the scheme let me introduce to you some of the interesting projects that have been successfully accomplished under this scheme. This will then definitely make you feel interested in the policy and make you feel its outrageous concept.

  • The FDI inflow has raised to 37% after the launch of the policy.
  • Spice mobile has shown interest to start a manufacturing hub in UP and made an investment of 78 million USD.
  • Hitachi, one of the popular global electric giant has set up a manufacturing unit in Chennai. Also, the company has promised to increase the employment generation in India to double the business revenue too.
  • Samsung has opened up 10 MSME technical schools in India. Also, the company has agreed to produce Samsung Z1 smartphone from Noida.
  • Huawei has opened up a campus in Bangalore for doing research and development. The worth of opening such a campus was 170 million USD. The company has started as the decision has been made to build a telecom manufacturing unit in Chennai.
  • Lenovo also started a manufacturing plant in Tamil Nadu and started to manufacture its home smartphone as well as smartphones of Motorola.
  • Prime Minister of Japan visited India and made an assured announcement that he is interested to invest 12 billion USD in the campaign.

There are a lot of other projects that have been taken up and been made after the launch of this scheme. Well, the end is not here, there are many upcoming projects too that are getting ready to take shape.

Rules of Pradhan Mantri Make in India

Some rules have been made to popularize the effect of the policy. We will not go in the debate whether the rules configured and set are good or bad. The prime thing over here is simply the rules that have been modified a bit or have been set completely new so that the whole policy reach out for the betterment of the country and its men.

  • The in-country manufacturing or the domestic manufacturing must be encouraged in this policy following the chosen 25 sectors.
  • FDI need to be attracted more. The step could be popularized by following the ease of doing business strategy for the foreign investors.
  • The FDI level needs to be increased. Before there was only 26% FDI contribution in the defense sector. But, after the advent of the new policy, Make in India, this contribution raised to 49%. Also, in the railway sector, the FDI contribution have been kept open up to 100%.

How to Register in Pradhan Mantri Make in India

Well, make your move and get registered in the policy plan. There is two-way registration method. You may either take up the online mode or can make the registration via the offline method. If you are interested to take up the online method then you can visit the sites and for query and registration purposes.

For offline purposes, there is an office named Invest India located in New Delhi. They assist you with your investment plan. They advise you with all the investment made out for the investment schemes in different sectors that are focused on the Make in India policy. The registration process takes 27 days to get completed on an average. But in upcoming years it is being expected that the whole process will take a single day.

Targetted Sectors for Pradhan Mantri Make in India

It has been mentioned that in total 25 sectors has been chosen for the policy to be tried and implemented upon. Here, I have presented a bulleted list that will give you an explicit idea to know in a profound way the seriously focused aim of the policy.

  • Automobiles
  • Automobile components
  • Aviation
  • Biotechnology
  • Chemicals
  • Construction
  • Defence manufacturing
  • Electronic machinery
  • Electronic systems
  • Food processing
  • Information Technology and Business Process Management
  • Leather
  • Media and Entertainment
  • Mining
  • Oil and Gas
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Ports and Shipping
  • Railways
  • Renewable energy
  • Roads and Highways
  • Space and Astronomy
  • Textiles and Garments
  • Thermal power
  • Tourism and Hospitality
  • Wellness

So, these are all about the policy named Pradhan Mantri Make in India. In the launch of this innovative and courageous move of the country's PM, several youths made their choice to support it in a widespread manner. This policy can definitely consider being the movement in taking forward one's own country. If followed the general idea of nationalism then this policy has every ability to be a new strategy to define nationalism.

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