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national health protection mission, national health  protection scheme

National Health Protection Mission Scheme

Rashtriya Swastha Suraksha Abhiyan

During the independence day of this year, Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared "National Health Protection Scheme" for poor people of India. This scheme was already on-board and declared in current financial year budget by the finance ministry. Although the preliminary coverage and budget have already been chosen, the PM has declared in his speech that through this scheme, the government will offer coverage up to 1 lakh per individual. As per Mr. Modi, this health protection scheme will help them to boost the scheme faster compared to any other insurance schemes.

Overview Of National Health Protection Scheme

National Health Protection Scheme is known as the insurance policy adopted by the government through which poor people can obtain life insurance coverage up to 1 lakh. The health ministry has previously established cabinet this year to plan out for this scheme during the budget meeting. Under this scheme, people who are belonging to below poverty line category or who come from the economically weaker group will tend to lose their life or capability to work; they will obtain coverage up to 1 lakh to support their family.

This scheme was not yet officially launched, but the health ministry has already informed about the scheme & its process after the budget meet 2016-17. On this Independence Day, Shree Modi has declared about the augmented rate of coverage up to 1 lakh to speed up the process of said Mission.

In this national health protection scheme, the poor people who live below the poverty line will be considered as important beneficiaries. Moreover people from the economically weaker group & people who are mentioned under the deprivations as per the socio-economic caste census of India. People belonging to these mentioned groups are the important beneficiaries under this scheme by the central government of India.

The poor households will get annual health coverage of Rs. 1 lakh and the limit under Rashtriya Swastha Suraksha Abhiyan (RSSA) was Rs. 30000. In principle, the national health protection scheme benefits might be availed in both private and public health facility, to aid leverage the very large private health infrastructure which has spontaneously arrive over past few decades.

Aim Of National Health Protection Scheme

  • The major aim of this scheme is to offer financial assistance to those families who had lost their earning member in the family due to natural calamities of accidents.
  • Also, the insurance mission aims to safeguard the individual from health diseases & other long-term health problems owing to accident or something else like that.
  • Through this scheme, 10 crore families under BPL & another economically weaker group will be highly benefitted according to the expenditure of finance ministry & Prime Minister.

National Health Protection Mission Budget And Time Period

The total budget allowed for the health protection scheme is Rs. 24, 000 crores. As per the reports, the finance ministry has provided a nod to the health ministry for this budget. Initially, the health ministry has declared the maximum coverage of Rs. 30000 per individual. But as stated, Mr. Modi has declared a revised coverage amount this year of about Rs. 1 lakh maximum for every person to increase the scheme faster. The time-span of the scheme is created as 5-years maximum. The initial budget framed for this scheme is also for next 5 years of time. As per reports if needed, the government will increase the budget.

The government plan to introduce financial schemes for the social security of poor people. The budget announced Rashtriya Swastha Suraksha Abhiyan – National Health Protection Mission scheme to offer health cover up to Rs. 1 lakh per family. This might work like floater policy that considers the whole family as a single unit.

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