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A video on Facebook that contains Virus

A video on Facebook that contains Virus

                                   A Video that will hack your Facebook Account

A recent video is being shared on Facebook which contains virus. it hacks the user account on the name of showing the Friends video.Millions of people in the world are related to social media. To stay connected to each other, it is a better and simpler way to get connected with each other. The social media website for its users every day brings new experiences, sometimes as video or as a photo feature. These new features are also liked by the users. But be careful, a recent video that is being shared on Facebook contains virus.It hacks the user account.

How these videos are getting spread?
Facebook's new features are released as in video and photo features for users, similarly hackers are sharing the videos that contains virus. These videos are shared with all of your friends in just one click.hackers are putting Efforts to reach out to the Facebook users account. Meanwhile,many users have also complained that their account are getting logged in. 

Do not click on the video link :
Virus on the Users Facebook Wall arrives via video link. It may also have a photo of your friends.So make sure that you do not open any videos related to your friends. If you click on a video that will hack your account. Let me tell you that as soon as you click on the link, the virus will get share on your each friend's wall.
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