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Chhat Pooja Celebration 2016 in India

Chhat Pooja Celebration 2016 in India

                                       Chhat Pooja Celebration in India

Bihar has been rampant in the harmony of the mahaparva Chhath. In Streets and neighborhood songs are being sung like " कांचहि बांस के बहंगिया, बहंगी लचकत जाए..., दर्शन दीहीं ना अपन ये छठी मइया...” Like every year this year as well Bihari's living in different parts of the country are arriving to celebrate their festival. To join Chhath Puja every year five to six million people come to Bihar. Railways run 24 special trains this year. This time there would be fast in millions of homes. During the five days of the festival, turnover of Rs 300 crore has been estimated. Chhath festival has begun from Friday onwards. 


Most of the Bihari's come from these areas:                                                                       - 70 to 80 percent of people do Chhath worship in their households. All states of the country and states where the people of Bihar live, Chhath Puja is done.

- During this time in Bihar approx turnover of 300 crore rupees is been estimated including the cost Prasad, liturgical materials, fruits etc. In Bahadurpur, Patna selling of fruits in the market from the next day of the Diwali.

- Fruit business Shahzad Alam pointed out that the first three days, people and business man buy fruit. Two days before the first offer water, fruits are bought by local businessman who does Chhath Puja.

- Whereas other says the fruit sold in 6 months are sold in 5 days during Chhath Puja. Alone apple sales is so much that around 150-175 truck of apples are ordered from Kashmir.

 During Chhath 24 Puja special trains are run; flight cost up to Rupees 68 thousand.

- 246 trains from across the country are to Patna. Nevertheless, the five divisions of East Central Railway have been announced to run 24 Puja special trains for Chhath.

- Currently, most trains have waiting from 355 to 400 or no waiting room.

- 20 flights to Patna, but from Delhi to Patna it cost from 7 to 22 thousand rupees. Mumbai-Patna fare is Rs 68 thousand.

                         Fair from Delhi to Patna (in INR)

                            Date       Minimum    Maximum

                           03 Nov     7011            26155

                           04 Nov     9460           22000

                           05 Nov     7446           22000

 From here most of the Bihari come

- On Chhath most of the people go from Delhi. After this Lucknow and Mumbai is on second. Large people from Calcutta, Ranchi also reach Bihar for Chhath Puja.

- From Indore, Madhya Pradesh people reach in large quantity.

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