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France plastic free country

France plastic free country

Worlds first country to BAN plastic  I france to be the fisrt country to take step to make world plastic free I which country banned the plastic first?  I

France became the first country to ban plastic cups and plates

Where: France

What: Ban on plastic cups and plates

When: September 2016

France has become the world`s  first country to ban plastic  cups and plastic plates. France in  September 2016 a bill was passed which was to be implemented in January 2020. According to this bill, 50 percent of all organic matter content disposable table should be used. This amount will be 60 percent in January 2025.

 France will be part of the energy transition for Green Growth Act. The law in the country is made to reduce the growing impact of climate change brought. In France in July 2016 usage of plastic bags were completely banned by the supermarket.

Why ban

According to the Health and the environment French Association in France, upto 150 Plastic cups are thrown each a second .Every year the figure reaches 4.73 billion.

Green Growth for Energy Transition Act

• France, August 17, 2015. This law made concrete steps towards green growth and environmental protection in the country. In the country in 2012 and in 2013 it held public conferences and special events.

 • France's would be useful in providing innovative look mode to their energy modell. It has taken care of this particular model of sustainable development in the new energy arrives to any harm.

 The six objectives of the Bill

 • There will be upto 40%  CHG emissions by 2030 in compared to 1990.

 •Usage of  energy consumption would be half  by 2050.

 • 30 percent to reduce fossil fuel consumption by 2030 compared to 2012

 • 30 percent reduction of renewable energy consumption by 2030.

 • By 2025, half waste management than now.

 • Energy consumption by 50 percent by 2025 to reduce the portion of nuclear power.

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