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Hillary Clinton Campaign Against Donald Trump

Hillary Clinton Campaign Against Donald Trump

Presidential Race in Washington  

Donald trump Washington : US Republican Presdential candidate Donald Trump wife Melania finally broke the silence against the video emerged of 2005. In the video Trump is shown commenting obsence about women. Melania has alleged that her husband was provoked to say such things.

Melania, 46 year old women said in the interview held on Monday, that I told my husband that you should know the language you used was inappropriate. This is not acceptable. I was shocked because he was not like this. She said that Trump and the host of ‘Akkis Hollywood’ Billy Bush were talking like boys with each other. He was urged. Billy impliucated Trump so that he should use such dirty and bad words.

Melania said, “As you can see in the video that, the camera was off and I really don’t think he was aware that the mic was on. The video with Washington Post, it is been seen in that Trump is using foul language about the women with Bush.

At least line women accused 70 year old Trump for sexual harassment. Most of these issues range from five years to three years deacde old.


Hillary Clinton Washington: wikileaks recently released three speeches by Hillary Clinton in reference of the money exchanged to goldman sachs. This revealed the relationship between them and the biggest player of Wall Street’s.

Clinton’s campaign haven’t questioned about any of the documents and comments hacked from the email id of the promotional campaign chairman John Podset  by wikileaks. Campaign has blamed Russia`s government , as wiki leaks were trying to help thev rival of Clinton that ts Donald trump in the presidential race. And us government also believes the same.

In these speeches Hillary also talked about the issues like their relations with Russian president Vladimir putin and about the negative effects of wikileaks revelations revealed by us foreign policy.

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