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How to Recognize Fake 10 Rupees Coin

How to Recognize Fake 10 Rupees Coin

                  Fake 10 Rupees coin stopped the transaction of Real One

The counterfeit coins of 10 rupees in the market put the question mark on the existence of real coin. Situation is that neither shopper is taking the 10 Rupees coin or the customers. And even bank are not accepting these coins. However, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has clearly told the differences to identify the real and the fake coins. Despite this people are not accepting the coins assuming it as a fake one. The Sudden stop in the transactions of 10 Rupees coins, are troubling most of the traders and shoppers. Indeed, many traders and shoppers have a large number of 10 Rupees coins.


 Rahul an employer said they he went to bank to deposit 500, 10 rupees coins but they refused him. Similarly, many people are facing the same situation. Customers and bank deposits are not willing to take the coin.

  This is the real identity of 10 rupee coin.

1. In real coins a rupee sign has been made above the 10 number, while in fake only 10 is written which is in counterfeit coins only.

2. In the real coin above 10 numbers 10 bars has been made whereas in fake there are 15 bars.

3. In Real coins, India and Bharat is written individually. But in fake both are written together.

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