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Indian communication satellite GSAT-18

Indian communication satellite GSAT-18

Indian communication satellite GSAT-18 successfully launched from French Guiana

Who: Indian Research Organisation

Where: French Guiana

What: GSAT-18 launch

When: 6 अक्टूबर 2016

Indian communication satellite GSAT-18 was successfully launched from French Guiana, on October 6, 2016. GSAT -18 has been installed in the spaces flew from the Koru space centre by the Ariane 5 spacecraft

 In the mission  the satellite sky Muster-2 from Australia, was also launched successfully into space. As of ISRO GSAT -18 launched by the European Space Agency is the 20th Indian satellite and the 280 th mission of the Ariane space.

GSAT -18

Indian satellite GSAT -18 the expected operational life of 15 years is estimated. Its weight is 3404 kg. With the normal C band, Extended C band and Q band with  Additional service is over 48 communication transponders.

Indian research organizations is to be  depend heavily on satellites for Ariane 5 rocket fro this  GSLV Mk-3, is constructed by the Indian space organization being.


GSAT -18 to India would help various purposes. This will help collceting information for  television, telecommunications, VSAT and digital information. After the success of this satellite GSAT-17 and GSAT-11 will be also launched in 2017, by ISRO

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