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NDLM 2 national digital literacy mission 2 franchise

NDLM 2 national digital literacy mission 2 franchise

In India, approximately 40% of the population lies below the poverty line, more than 25% of the population is illiterate, and a massive 90% of the population is digitally illiterate. While, the country’s economy and the living conditions of the people are growing steadily in terms of quality and quantity, India lags behind when it comes to digital literacy. India’s smartphone market grows by around 12% every year, with the country expected to overtake the United States to become the second largest smartphone market by 2017. Despite this, a significant percentage of the population remains digitally unaware.

National Digital Literacy Mission NDLM

These numbers are huge, and they act as barriers in the process of the country's overall development. In a fabulous effort to conquer this problem, the Government of India formulated the National Digital Literacy Mission 2 scheme, through which it wishes to impart digital and IT training to people across the country.

  Objective of the Initiative

Digital literacy is a term used to describe the general knowledge and skills to use a diverse range of digital devices such as smartphones, personal computers, and tablets. National Digital Literacy Mission 2 (NDLM) 2 is one of the most efficient educational schemes launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s “Digital India” vision. The mission of the NDLM 2 scheme is to provide digital literacy to people across different states of India so that they can also reap the benefits of India’ stupendous growth.

  One of the most integral components of this scheme is to provide digital training to at least one person in every family. This will help make the whole family digitally educated. As a direct result of this, the government is trying to uplift the rural households by training them digitally so they can participate in the nation’s development and help India to take a lead in the digital world economy and stay in the digital competitiveness around the globe.

  How does NDLM 2 help rural households?

  1.   NDLM’s 2 innovative scheme will contribute to making rural communities in India’s most backward areas, more competent and in track with the technological development of the nation by making them digitally aware and literate. This way people from all sections will be able to actively participate in the country's digital revolution.
  2. Providing the rural communities with digital education and training will create economic, cultural and social advantages for them.
  3. The technologically aware and literate communities will be more in sync with the country’s development as the NDLM 2 scheme opens a content and information gateway for them.
  4. Members and students of the rural communities will have better chances of being deployed in companies by being digitally connected with the nation. This will uplift their livelihood and make their lives economically and socially better.
  5. NDLM 2 scheme aims to develop digital data house at all rural communities to enable them to be more economically sustainable. This will further connect them with the whole nation digitally and technologically.


The education and training in digital knowledge provided under NDLM 2 will help rural communities to take the lead in the global digital economy so they can participate in India's digital revolution and also shape a technologically empowered society together.

  Muskan is a well known NGO involved in activities to uplift the standards of living and improve living conditions of the underprivileged section of Indian society. Muskan is the training partner with Government of India for the National Digital Literacy Mission 2 and is committed to set up training centers all across the country to help everyone receive benefits of this scheme.

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