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Pravasi Kaushal Vikas Yojana

Pravasi Kaushal Vikas Yojana

Pravasi Kaushal Vikas Yojana

Pravasi Kaushal Vikas Yojana, abbreviated as PKVY, is an all-new upcoming scheme launched by our PM Modi as a skill development program to enhance the skills of the youth of the nation at par with international standards. Further, it helps them get overseas employment. Just like Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana, this new scheme is also implemented through NSDC, the National Skill Development Corporation. The reason behind the launch of this scheme is to show respect to the contributions being made by the Indian overseas in terms of ensuring their welfare & safety. Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship and the Ministry of External Affairs are referred to be the consulting bodies responsible for implementing this scheme as both the ministries have previously signed MoU for the execution of Pravasi Kaushal Vikas Yojana.

Objectives of Pravasi Kaushal Vikas Yojana:

  • The chief objective of this scheme is to train youth in such a way to land a job easily outside the country. Under the scheme PKVY, the training will be offered in line with global standards.
  • The Ministry of Skill Development has started more than 50 skill centers all across the country for the purpose of overseas employment.
  • With the help of several training programs, the Central Government is planning to train as well as certify Indian workforce interested in overseas employment in chosen job roles and sectors.
  • The training will also comprise of pre-departure orientation training related to soft skills and language. The training will also be backed by the worldwide recognized assessment & certification system.
  • As similar to PMKVY, the fee incurred for training and certification under this new scheme is as low as possible. In addition, there will also be some scholarships given once you successfully finished the training under PKVY.

Key Components of Pravasi Kaushal Vikas Yojana:

  • Short-Term Training:

It is imparted at the training centers of PKVY in order to benefit the aspirants of Indian nationality either unemployed or school/college dropouts. As per the National Skills Qualification Framework, the training centers will impart training in entrepreneurship, soft skills, and financial & digital literacy. Based on the job profile, the duration of this training will get vary from 150 to 300 hours. There are also training partners who give placement assistance to candidates successfully finishing their assessment. Under PKVY scheme, the government is all set to pay the fee incurred for the complete training and assessment.

  • Recognition Of Prior Learning:

People with prior learning skills or experience will be assessed & certified under the RPL component of this scheme. The aim of Recognition of Prior Learning is to align the competency of country’s unregulated workforce to NSQF. Sector Skill Councils are some project implementing agencies designed by NSDC/MSDE, which will be incentivized to execute projects related to Recognition of Prior Learning in any three Project Types namely RPL centers, RPL Camps, and RPL at Employer’s Premises. RPL candidates may be provided with bridge courses by PIAs in order to address the knowledge gaps.

  • Special Projects:

This component will envisage the creation of platforms, which facilitate training in some special areas including the industry or corporate bodies and the premises of Government bodies. Further, it will also offer training in some special job profiles, which aren’t defined by the available National Occupational Standards/Qualification packs. Special projects are none other than projects, which need some specific deviation from the norms and conditions of STT under PKVY. A proposing stakeholder could either be Statutory Body/Autonomous Body/Government Institutions of State and Central Government or other equivalent bodies or corporate who would like to offer training to aspirants.

  • Kaushal & Rozgar Mela:

When it comes to the success of PKVY, the social & community mobilization plays a very major role. The community is found to actively participate so as to assure transparency and accountability. It further helps leverage the community’s cumulative knowledge for better functioning. In this regard, PKVy assigns specific importance to the engagement of target receivers with the help of a defined mobilization process. The training partners may conduct Kaushal & Rozgar Mela twice in a year with press and media coverage. Also, they are needed to actively take part in on-ground services and National career service melas.

  • Placement Guidelines:

PKVY will envisage linking the aspiration, aptitude, and even the knowledge of skilled workforce, which it creates along with employment demands and opportunities in the open market. Therefore, each and every effort is required to be made by PKVY with an intention to offer placement opportunities to the aspirants who are trained as well as certified under this scheme. The training partners will also encourage entrepreneurship development.

  • Monitoring Guidelines:

Empanelled Inspection Agencies and NSDC shall make use of several methodologies like self-audit reporting, surprise visits, call validation, and also monitory via the Skills Development Management System to assure a high standard of quality is being maintained by PKVY. These methodologies will also be improved further during the involvement of latest technologies.  

Nodal Agency of Pravasi Kaushal Vikas Yojana:

Several nodal agencies are out there to look after the PMKY scheme and in turn, assure every youth is provided with proper training.

  • NSDC training partners
  • Ministry of external affairs
  • Ministry of skill development & entrepreneurship
  • National Skill Development Corporation

Benefits Of Pravasi Kaushal Vikas Yojana:

  • As the topmost priority, PKVY would keep the safety & security of Indians who are working abroad
  • With the Ministry of External Affairs, Welfare of Indian Overseas is assured
  • Through social media, overseas Indians, who are in distress, will get assistance from the Ministry of External Affairs
  • PKVY keeps tracking of Indian Youths who are going abroad upon the completion training from the Skill Development Program
  • The purpose of PKVY is to make India – the Skill Capital of the World
  • Being a vehicle for NSDC, PKVY helps in entering into MoU with various agencies of
    1. United Kingdom
    2. United States
    3. European Union
    4. Australia
    5. Germany
    6. France
    7. Canada
    8. Singapore
    9. Iran    
    10. China


PKVY is probably a skill development program meant for welfare, safety as well as the security of Indians Overseas. PKVY helps in converting Brain drain to brain gain. Therefore, India will turn out to be a major supplier of knowledgeable and skilled professionals to the whole world within ten years. PKVY is said to be the best scheme to realize the above-given vision. There is also a reduction in consultancies that practice fraudulent activities by cheating youth on abroad opportunities. In general, PKVY would act as a proper channel to give certified skill training for disoriented Indian Youth who found with an aspiration of going abroad and work.

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