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Pradhan Mantri Surakshit Sadak Yojana

Pradhan Mantri Surakshit Sadak Yojana

Pradhan Mantri Surakshit Sadak Yojana

The government of India is going to launch a scheme known as the Pradhan Mantri Surakshit Sadak Yojana. This scheme will be launched by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways in order to provide safe roads for the people. The target of this scheme is to avoid the dangerous spots which are present on the highways. Because of the dangerous spots on the road sites, more accidents are occurring nowadays. So in order to avoid that accident and to provide safer road sites, this scheme was introduced by them.

Under this excellent scheme, the central government uses the best design and road engineering to provide best roads. The government also works to set railing for the hill areas that have long as well as deep valleys. Currently, the ministry of transport and highways is collecting information about the dangerous and dangerous roads from the states. The information also includes the areas which are in need of railings as well as safe and smooth roads. After collecting the information, the ministry of transport and highways will prepare the reflectors and solution to provide best services.

Additional Thought process Made By The Government:

According to the recent survey made by the World Health Organisation(WHO), over 231,000 people were killed every year by means of a road accident. Through this scheme, the government is trying to decrease the road accident by the year 2020. The government has released initial fund of Rs.2,000 crore to make the highways as well as roads safer and to reduce the number of road accidents by the year 2020.

In addition, the government has also providing Star Certification for the cars which are having more safety measures in it. It also introduced the Bharat National Car Assessment Programme as a specialized agency to test the grade and safety of the cars which are sold in India. The ministry of India is also going to introduce some new safety norms as well as measures for two-wheelers. These norms will be suitable for about 72% of vehicles in roads of India to reduce the road accidents.

According to the norms made by the government, the two-wheeler such as scooters and motorcycles in India will be made by having Automatic headlamps on which will be similar to the running lamps in cars which also runs in the daytime. The deaths occur in roads also lead to an economic loss in the domestic product of about 2 to 3 percent apart from causing social issues as well as injuries.

So the drivers of heavy commercial vehicles in India must compulsory have a knowledge about the life-saving techniques and first aid kit as well. The drivers of the heavy commercial vehicle also include buses and trucks and they have to get trained with the first aid kits because they are the person who responds first and cares takers for the road accidents. The drivers must have to complete this certified training before getting the license.

Benefits Of The Pradhan Mantri Surakshit Sadak Yojana:

The major benefit of this scheme is to provide safe roads by removing the dangerous spots on the roads as well as highways because these roads are the main reasons for the accident.

This scheme is mainly focused on reducing the accident made on the roads by the dangerous spots as well as unsafe roads.

Preparing reflectors and building railings for hill areas that have deep gorges. It also includes redesigning the reflectors to have sharp curves.

Excellent Features Of The Pradhan Mantri Surakshit Sadak Yojana:

This scheme is basically an initial step to avoid the dangerous spots in the highways as well as the roads to make them safer.

The central government will go to use better designing and road engineering to avoid and to reduce the accidents which are killing many people every year.

The government has planned to build railing to hill areas which are having long deep gorges.

According to World Health Organisation(WHO), many people are being killed by road accident every year. The government of India has a goal to reduce the road accidents by the year 2020 under this scheme.

Initially, the government has released Rs. 2,000 crore fund for this Pradhan Mantri Surakshit Sadak Yojana scheme to provide safe roads for the people.

Implementation Of The Scheme:

The central government is going to implement this amazing scheme Pradhan Mantri Surakshit Sadak Yojana by the ministry of transport and highways in all over India. This scheme has been already approved by the road transport minister. The main aim of this scheme is to provide safer road by eliminating dangerous spots present in it. So the thing is to find the roads and highways which has dangerous spots.

So to find those roads and to set up railing as well as redesigning sharp curves in special reflectors, the government seeks the help from the Indian Institute of Technology. As per the information received from all the states of India, there are about 796 dangerous spots which are to improve. The World Health Organisation has released the information that more than 231,000 are killed in India because of traffic crashes in roads. The government is trying to reduce this accident to half the amount by the year 2020.


This scheme will be very useful for the people as well as the nation.The people are the backbone of a nation and by knowing this the government has introduced an amazing scheme. By introducing such schemes India will become a developed country soon. The safety precautions, as well as the norms introduced by the government, should be known to all the persons so that they can prevent many people from accidents.

To implement this amazing scheme the IIT also worked under this scheme with the government to find out the roads which are to be improved. They found the areas which have dangerous spots and gave it to the government to proceed further. This will be very useful to avoid accidents that are frequently occurring on roads as well as highways. It is also very useful to undergo the training given by the government to know about the first aid as well as safety precautions.

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