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Poverty in India and other places always is a result of scarcity. This poverty includes missing of all the basic needs that include food, shelter, clothes. Still in a major number of countries poverty persists at a higher percentage. When the income of a family is not met with the expenditure, it leads to poverty. 

Based on the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation- MoSPI, 2012 calculations every sixth child in the entire world lack the basic survival necessities. The different types of Rights such as survival, Development, protection, participation to its children are affected. At the same time, the government could assure no poverty country. 

Facts and Figures:In India

Violations such as female child killing, child labor, sustenance, gender bias can cause such poverty. These mostly affect children in general and are found most vulnerable. Based on 2011 statistics, almost 99 million children have stopped their education and in our country among four children, 1 has dropped out. This study has also proved that 10.13 million child laborers were found between the age group of 5-14 years in India are affected and 33 million kids of 5-18 years are working for their existence and fulfill their basic needs. As per the study was given by District Information System for Education (DISE) in the year 2014-15, 32 upon 100 have successfully completed their education for school level. Simultaneously in the same time interval, when the school education among the first standard to twelfth standard is completed for 2%. 150 Kids are missed in the routine life in India for kids are checked for their security, The missing cases are mostly due to kidnap, abduction in counter. 

The crime against these insecurities has increased up to 5 times higher than normal. Similarly, department for Accidental Deaths and Suicides in India ADSI, in 2014 has proved that suicides are the second cause for poverty. As per the census conducted by ICDS in the year 2015, 19.8 million children of 6 and less than 6 years of age are found to be below the nourishment level. While only 9.6% of infants between 6 months to 23 months are properly fed. The age group between 0 to 5 years is showing a 38% percentage inhibited growth. Around 58% of children between 6 months to 5 years are found anemic in the country. More than 50% of pregnant ladies between 15 – 49 years are found anemic as still there is child marriage persisting in a percentile of 42% that is around 45 lakhs children are married below 15 years and among these almost 70% of them have one or two girl children.


Muskan always tried to prevent children and adult from poverty. The motive of this welfare organization is to keep India free from poverty and deficiencies. We are still looking forward to tie-up with you if you wish to help the friends or brothers or sisters residing with us. It can be a donation or any form of help is definitely accepted. Just that the focus needs to be very much oriented to service, not a profit. 

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