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Pradhan Mantri Gram Sichai Yojana

Pradhan Mantri Gram Sichai Yojana

Pradhan Mantri Gram Sichai Yojana Scheme

The economy of India mainly depends on the agricultural sector. You can also see that huge number of people are transforming into agriculture by knowing their essential needs as well as the food demand occurring each year. Also, the price of the food items is also increasing maximum because of this demand. So to improve the productivity of agriculture the government has introduced this new excellent scheme "Pradhan Mantri Gram Sichai Yojana".

This scheme is mainly introduced to achieve the various investments in irrigation at the field, increasing the cultivation area under the irrigation which is ensured. It also includes improving the on-farm water use to avoid the wastage of water and increment the adoption of precision irrigation as well as other technologies that are used to save the water. This scheme defines water conservation practice that reuses the treated wastewater of municipalities and this water is used for peri-urban agriculture. Many of the private investments are also attracted by this precision irrigation process.

Implementation Carried By:

This scheme is meant for combining all the ongoing schemes that include Accelerated Irrigation Benefit Programme (AIBP), River Development and Ganga Rejuvenation, Integrated Watershed Management Programme (IWMP). Also includes Department Of Land Resources (DoLR) and the On-Form Water Management of the Department of Agriculture and Cooperation.

It is also said that this scheme will be implemented by the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development, and Water Resources. The Ministry of Rural Development will mainly provide conservation of rainwater, rainwater harvesting, construct farm pond, small check dams and outline bunding etc. MoWr, RD, and GR will introduce different measures used for the creation of irrigation resource, constructing diversion canals, water irrigations, and development in the system of water distribution.

The Ministry of Agriculture will improve the efficiency of water conveyance and some precision devices like drips, sprinklers, pivots, rain-guns in the farm are promoted. It also involves constructing the micro irrigation structures to increase the source creation process and extends the process for promotion of scientific moisture conservation as well as agronomic measures.

Architecture Of The Programme:

The programming architecture of the Pradhan Mantri Gram Sichai Yojana scheme involves the "decentralized state-level planning and projectised execution" structure. According to this, every state is allowed to plan on their own regarding the irrigation development depending on District Irrigation Plan (DIP) and the State Irrigation Plan (SIP). It will be operated on various platforms for all the activities carried out by the water sector.

Some of the activities of water sector include drinking water & sanitation, application of science and technology. The State Level Sanctioning Committee (SLSC) under the Chief Secretary of State will be given the authority to investigate and overlook the implementation as well as the sanction projects. The Inter-Ministerial National Steering Committee (NSC) will supervise and monitor the programme and the NSC will work under the Chairmanship of Prime Minister along with the Union Ministries of the concerned Ministries.

The National Executive Committee will work under the Vice Chairman, NITI Aayog to supervise the implementation of the programme, assigning resources, internal coordination of ministries, monitoring the performance assessment, identifying the issues in administration and so on.

Objectives of The Scheme:

Under this scheme, there is a way to improve the artificial practices of agriculture. Some of the important objectives of the scheme are given below.

  • It will enhance the facilities of artificial irrigation in the land and it is expected that at least 6 lakh hectare of land will be under this artificial irrigation.
  • It improves the drip irrigation facilities and it will contain about 5 lakh hectares of land and provide an easy way of irrigation. 
  • It provides a way to improve the water irrigation system of the earlier projects and strictly implement them with some guidelines.

Key Features Of The Scheme:

  • The government has allocated Rs. 5,300 crore for the implementation of this amazing scheme.
  • This scheme will also make use of the funds which are totally Rs. 50000 crore. Anything will happen in the next five years and the funds will be made to invest in this scheme.
  • The government will give an excellent solution to the farmers by means of this scheme. The investments are made at the farm level and so the farmers will able to know about the thing which is happening. From this, they will get an idea to make it in a better way.
  • This scheme will include accessing the water physically which will help for more cultivation and the farmers will be able to get greater yields.
  • Through this scheme, the government is planning to use latest as well as updated technology. So the water will be distributed to where it is needed and the farmer will have a chance to use it effectively.
  • This scheme is also meant for promoting the micro irrigation practices by including pivots, drips, rain-guns, sprinklers and so on.
  • Additionally, this scheme will have one more agenda known as “More Crop Per Drop” and the main concept behind this is saving water to a maximum extent. Under this scheme, the water is allowed to go only to crop and not for the drains which again helps in conserving water.
  • The wastewater which comes from the municipalities will also be used for irrigation under this scheme.

Benefits Of The Scheme:

  • Due to this scheme, the price of the food items will decrease because of its productivity by means of providing proper irrigation.
  • Other various industries which use the end products of the agriculture will also get better yields because of this great scheme.
  • Through this scheme, the foreign capital will also be increased. If more surplus is generated by means of proper irrigation, you can store the required amount and the remaining can be exported to foreign countries.
  • Therefore the import will be reduced and so that the money that is allocated to buy the imports are saved.
  • Although many projects are introduced for the agriculture to improve the irrigation, most of the project is incomplete and not performing well due to some reasons. Under this scheme, the government has many plans to rework on them and it also ensures to bring back those projects by having strict deadlines. So, it is sure that the future will be better for the farmers and their families.
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