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PM Maternity Vandana Scheme, pmmvy

PM Maternity Vandana Scheme

Pradhan Mantri Maternity Vandana Yojana

It is a terrible situation that many Indians are being dragged a long time; this is due to the mortality rate. India is one such country where the maternal mortality rate keeps on increasing day by day so it is essential to stop it. There are numerous reasons for death rate during the time of pregnancy either during childbirth or else during post pregnancy.

Normally, physical stress amplifies along with the physical condition of poor during pregnancy time. This is the prime reason for the death of pregnant women & improper pregnancy management also leads to the death of pregnant women. Pregnant women have to be very careful at the time of pregnancy. They must change their eating habits and must take nutritious food so that the newborn infant will get enough nutrition to stay healthy. But pregnant women from a poor family cannot able to get these facilities because they do not have sufficient money for feeding their infant in the womb. To tackle these problems, PM has declared the financial assistance for pregnant women of India.

Brief About PM Maternity Vandana Scheme

PM Maternity Vandana scheme was started by PM Narendra Modi in January 2017. Through this scheme, the mentioned assistance amount will be provided to pregnant women for the sake of taking the nutritious diet. Through this scheme, the Prime Minister & Chief Minister of the state will be directly monitored. The Motherhood Vandana Yojna, National Health Mission scheme by Prime Minister will be given for the first time for the rural women with Rs. 6400 and Rs. 6000 for urban pregnant women.

This financial assistance is split and given in three installments. Under this Maternity Vandana scheme, pregnant women will receive Rs. 1000 in the first installment that is within 150 days of pregnancy, second installment of Rs. 2000 will be given in 180 days and 3rd installment will be given after delivery and after giving first vaccination for baby. To get benefit from these schemes, pregnant women must give their account number to the nearest health center.

The Main Objective Of Maternity Vandana Scheme

Prime Minister Maternity Vandana Scheme (PMMVY) or Pregnancy support scheme is a major scheme established by the Narendra Modi Government for lactating mothers and pregnant women. Under the PMMVY scheme, pregnant women will get financial assistance of Rs. 6000 from the central government. The pregnant women's financial aid scheme is applicable for pregnant women & lactating mothers who gave birth to first child. Here are some essential points for Pregnant Support Scheme/Maternity Benefit Scheme/Financial Assistance Scheme for pregnant women.

  • The Pregnant women will be getting Rs. 6000 in terms of financial assistance
  • This scheme has begun in more than 650 districts
  • The money will be deposited directly into the bank account of the pregnant women
  • The financial assistance will be quite useful for pregnant women to cover some of the expenses like immunization, admission to hospitals, and purchase of nutritious food and so on.

Documents Needed For Applying Maternity Vandana Scheme

  • Bank account number
  • Ration Magazine
  • Identity Proof
  • Documents provided by Government Hospital during delivery time

How To Apply For Maternity Vandana Scheme

  • First of all, the pregnant women must register at nearest Anganwadi Center
  • The pregnant women must give birth to their body only in government hospitals
  • After giving birth, some regular test and checkup must be followed correctly
  • The funds will be given in three installments of Rs. 2000

Benefits Of Maternity Vandana Scheme

The main benefit of the Maternity Vandana Scheme or Garbhvati Mahilayo ke liye Aarthik Sahayata Yojana is to decrease the infant mortality rate similar to the Maternity Mortality Rate by stimulating institutional delivery. This scheme is provided in all 650 districts of India. Financial assistance of Rs. 6000 will be directly transferred to the Savings Bank Account of pregnant women via DBT (Direct Benefit Transfer). About 17% of worldwide mortality deaths take place in India. Additionally, the mortality rate is calculated at 167 per 100, 000 live births, whereas the infant mortality rate is estimated at 43 per 1000 live births. Moreover, these numbers will not be considered much high however this rate seems to be much higher compared to other countries. The main reason for high maternal & infant mortality is lack of medical care during pregnancy and malnutrition and childbirth.

The pregnancy support scheme is being launched in 53 districts like an experimental project but the financial assistance is 4000 rupees. In 2010, Indira Gandhi Maternity Sahaog Yojana (IGMSY) was launched as the first scheme. Under this scheme, financial assistance was given to the pregnant women above 18 years of age who gives birth only for 2 live births. After that, cash benefits have been augmented to Rs. 6000 in the newest scheme which will be directly credited to the bank account of eligible pregnant women.

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