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Save Water To Conserve The Environment

Save Water To Conserve The Environment

Almost 70 percent of our earth contains water but not all the sources of water are fresh a  fit to use. However, clean and fresh water is only 3 percent t which is available to fit for all the daily puprose right from drinking to irrigation purposes.   There is a limited supply of water on the earth as it is one of the important natural resources.  The scarcity of water due to our silly mistakes can have a direct effect on the environment as well. Therefore it is important to conserve the pure form of water to conserve the environment itself.  
Every one of us cannot live without water and need water to live.  water Clean, freshwater is a limited resource. With all the severe droughts happening in the world, the limited supply of freshwater is becoming one of our most precious resources. Every person on earth needs water to survive. Without water, no one of us can imagine their life and can even die without water. Scroll the below-given information to know about the conservation of water.

Points that how saving water helps  to conserve the environment

Water is important to grow crops

Fruits and vegetables, as well as other food items, cannot be grown in fields without water. Irrigation is important for sowing and the growth of crops.  For the perfect crop production, it is important to save water to have sufficient irrigation for the crops.  Without the water, the plants will not able to grow in the field and die due to starvation.  Hence it is important to save water for effective production. 

Save water to enhance savings

In urban areas water is not free you have to pay a bill. Therefore, misuse of water leads to high water bills.  It can be avoided by avoiding the useless use of water. Make sure to avoid leakages and also close taps after use. In urban areas where there is a high level of pollution, it is important to maintain the water level for the clean environment of the home. 

Save water save energy

Save water to enhance savings

When it is summers scarcity of water increases, especially in rural areas. In that case, people in villages opt to pump out water from underground water sources.  Regular drilling and pumping of water disturbs the soil and directly affects the fertility of the soil. According to scientists water holding capacity and health of soil decreases which also ultimately leads to poor growth of crops.  Pumping water from the central facility requires high amounts of energy to run the equipment. Studies show, that in California, almost 7% of the energy that is consumed goes towards transferring water. The bottom line, saving water will also lead to saving energy and reduce your carbon footprint. 

Saving water does not mean that you did not need to use water, it simply means that you have to use water in a limited way.  Misusing of water should be avoided if we want to save our environment too.  However, conservation of the environment is directly proeprotional to saving water.  Saving water is important for peaceful living and to supply water to coming future generations.
We at Muskan an NGO guide people about the stratergies they can use for conserving water. The steps which you can take if want to support us are reducing water wastage, recycling the water, preventing throwing garbage in the water.  All the things will help to save water and ultimately will conserve the environment. 

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