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Types Of Women Empowerment To Encourage Women

Types Of Women  Empowerment   To Encourage Women

When it comes to women then several factors need to think of; especially about the development and rights of women in the world. Globally we can find that women are not treated equally as men and are always give fewer opportunities than many. Although working on several factors had led to the improvement of the condition of women.  But still, there is a need to do much work to make her feel strong and self-esteemed like men in society. In the male-dominated society, It was impossible to create a place and level of women. But still, with the help of several organizations like Muskan NGOs have achieved in the safety and security of women and still working hard to improve the education, health, and safety of the women.

Empowering women had become one of the major concepts which had several benefits and helps in sustainable development. There are several categories of women empowerment which provide women a level which she deserves. Improving each category is enhanced by the government and several NGOs.  Several kinds of women empowerment are mentioned below in detail.

Different categories of women empowerment

women empowerment-Economic  empowerment

Economic  empowerment

Economic and financial security is important in the case of women. Due to a lack of economic facilities, many women are prone to domestic violance and had to lead tortured life.  Therefore it is important to improve the economic status of the women. For this several organizations are working on economic empowerment which relies on upon to increase the work for women and paying them higher wages.

Political empowerment

This type of empowerment involves the right to vote to every woman as same as men. It focuses on enhancing the leadership skills of the women and giving them the right to elect.  It encourages women to several programs so that they can lead that program and enhance themselves.

Social  empowerment

This type of empowerment focused on improving the condition of women in society and make them socially strong. It involves the encouragement of nonformal education which involves computer courses, organic farming and many more things in which women can work in society.  It is based on improving the interaction of women so that they can meet and find a solution for themselves in case of any kind of problem.

Different categories of women empowerment

Educational empowerment

In rural areas lack of education leads to several issues in women's safety. Therefore it is important to encourage women's safety and make them aware of their rights and rules. However, it can only be possible by empowering them with education. Well, educational empowerment involves free education to the girl child, the facility of encouraging women towards education. Also, several programs enhanced women to reach a high level and take high education easily.

Empowering women at several levels is important for society.  In the advanced world, it is important to improve the condition of women as well.  Women's empowerment at different levels had become important for the well being of society. In the last years, women are not given the rights which they deserve. Now its high time there is a need to change the scenario of the women. 

Several government organizations improving the above type of women empowerment.  Like Muskan  NGO, which is one of the best organizations fighting for the rights and powers of women.  It is important to realize that if the women of society are safe then we are safe.  Culture is not what we do with women and banning them from different things, our culture is to respect women and encouraging them to move forward in their life.

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