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" एक सामाजिक संस्था "

Pradhan Mantri Surakshit Sadak Yojana

Urja Ganga Yojana

Urja Ganga(ऊर्जा गंगा)

The Central Government has taken the target to make the country most developed on the global map. So, different schemes were introduced to country mates and so, they can benefit from them and even develop more. Energy has a great impact on the nation's economy as lots of industries depend on fuel because the industry is considered to be the backbone of Indian Country. If the country has effective fuel resources, growth is assured. By bearing this in mind, the Prime Minister Narendra Modi has recently a scheme, which was named as Urja Ganga. Around Rs.5000 Crores have been invested in this project. Under this scheme, a gas pipeline will be put to offer piped cooking fuel to the people of this old holy place town in addition to customers in the neighboring states too.

In the recent times, the NDA government shows interest in launching a number of Yojana and Schemes for Indian people especially for the individuals below the poverty line. As soon as announcing the Urja Project, the Prime Minister has laid the foundation station to second rail line between Allahabad and Varanasi along with initiating the setup process for unpreserved consignment center at Rajatalab Railway station. The Government is trying their best with an intention to fulfill the basic requirements of the people on the whole. For the purpose, the Government presents gifts to these schemes so that people could get benefit from their basic requirements. The actual plan of the government is appropriate implementation and moving people's lives. So, a sum of Rs. 5,000 Crores will be granted to be the Kashi people. Under the scheme Urja Ganga, a gas pipeline of 2540 km long will assure the supply of clean as well as eco-friendly fuel to minimally seven main cities such as Varanasi, Jamshedpur, Ranchi, Kolkata, Patna, Cuttack, and Bhubaneswar.

The estimated completion date for the project is 2020. Then after, people will receive gas supply within their house itself. There is no doubt that it will surely offer lots of benefits along with helping renewal many different declining fertilizer industrialized units. Under this scheme, not just houses avail the piped natural gas facility yet about half a million vehicles will switch to CNG mode in order to reduce the problem of fuel in our country. This project is launched to provide a major step towards the development and expansion of India's Eastern Region. If this project is completed successfully, around 20 Lakh households will get PNG connection at a very affordable rate and even, several vehicles will be converted to CNG mode.

Objectives of Urja Ganga Scheme:

  • The chief intention behind this launching of Urja Ganga project is to provide proper cooking gas in addition to improving the standard of living of People in Varanasi. Moreover, the gas pipeline project would provide several benefits to people belonging to Odisha, West Bengal, Bihar, and much more
  • Due to this project, approximately 800 km of the pipeline will be put only in the Varanasi region, which gives profit around 50,000 households and more than 20000 vehicles for CNG correspondingly. Also, the project let the accessibility of LPG gas cylinders to the rustic population. To solve the petrol and diesel issue, more than 20 CNG stations were also established for the vehicles as a part of this project.
  • Because of this project, the closed Gourkpur factory will start again so that populace will avail employment again through this factory
  • The Urja Ganga will be given benefits to more than 20 Lakh families in the eastern part of India. However, the main recipients of this project are cities such as Bhubaneswar, Kolkata, Patna, Cuttack, Varanasi, and others.
  • The pipeline would supply both CNG and Fuel Gas. Since CNG is supplied to the vehicle beneath this project, pollution will also be decreased because there are a huge number of vehicles, which are running on fuel, found in this city.  Best of all, the economy of our country gets improved because CNG operated vehicles will save a lot of cash as CNG vehicles are quite cheap as compared to other fuel operate vehicles.

Launching of Urja Ganga Scheme:

In order to enhance the lifestyle of the people living in Varanasi, the project is expected to complete in the next two years so that lots of people will obtain benefits under this scheme. A considerable budget of Rs. 51,000 Crores will be given by the respective authority to finish this project successfully. The government expects that this plan would be finished in next two years. After that, Indian people will receive gas within their house along with getting free from several hassles that they face while filling the cylinder.

Detail of Urja Ganga Project:

With an estimated cost of Rs. 51,000 crore, the project will cover 1500 km long gas pipeline together with gas stations at various locations. Nearby village people will also get benefitted under this project. It is assumed that every household will receive benefit out of the gas connection since this will be extremely affordable to the people.

The first phase of this project is going to commence in December 2018 in Varanasi by spending about 1000 Crore. Other than Varanasi, there are also five other states getting benefited due to this project. The project conveys the payback that populace of Varanasi will get benefit once this project's infrastructure is put in place. As an outcome, Varanasi will turn out to be the first city in Eastern India getting developed and expanded. With supporting transportation, the gas pipeline will give an advantage to 36.8 lakh people who are residing in this temple city. Then, the temple city will become a high profile city once the project gets started.

Gas Pipeline Length in the Different States:

  • In Uttar Pradesh, the length of gas line would be 338 KM to fulfill the requirements of public
  • The Bihar State would get 441 KM long gas pipeline, which extends to rural areas also
  • In Jharkhand state, the length of the pipeline will be 500 KM, which is quite enough for the development of the state
  • West Bengal is located between the Bay of Bengal and the Himalayas. This state gets pipeline of about 542 KM long

Guideline of the Project for Varanasi City:

  • Basically, the project is launched for Varanasi city, which is also referred to as the city of temples. The city will get the given below benefits due to this project:
  • The network of the pipeline will be 800 inches & made of steel. Due to its steel material, the pipeline is hard and durable in nature. Hence, they are not easily breakable.
  • CNG is offered to more than 20,000 vehicles so that lots of people get work since CNG will be cheaper while comparing to diesel and petrol
  • Build up of 20 new CNG stations, which finally give more benefit to the people

Benefits of Urja Ganga Scheme:

  • Around 6,500 people would get work because industry would obtain more resources
  • Supply of CNG in Diary and Hotel so that people get employment in Diary and hotel businesses
  • Solve traffic problems in addition to getting free from smell & pollution because the gas supply is completely underground. So, it is a helpful scheme for nature.
  • The respective authority assures there is no leakage of gas from the pipeline.


The launch of this project not just assures the health and safety of household members by offering clean fuel yet also helps in maintaining eco-balance by means of making individuals to skip wood while cooking.

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