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Female Feticide in India

Female Feticide In India

Selective Abortion & Female Foeticide

In modern times, people's ideas and criteria are being changed. Social values are also changing. In ancient India, it is said that "यत्र नार्यस्तु पूज्यन्ते रमन्ते तत्र देवता" its means a place where women are worshiped their gods make their residence, by change in time definition of women also got changed.

National poet, Maithlisharan Gupta said, "Hi distress your life story, running water in the milk and eyes."It is unfortunate that in India women in the society is not getting fair respect. On the one hand women is worshiped him, they are resembled as the Goddess. On the other side it is planned to kill the girl child in the womb. Feticide means- to kill the child in the womb as it arrives. For sure people do not think about it, that they are doing such a shameful thing. To kill an organism before it takes step to enter into the world.

By doing this type of work they are becoming partners of sin. Kill of Infanticides are even highly harmful for society. It has been proven that the daughters are more sensible than sons. Sons left their parents but daughters never leave their parents and they stay with them all the time, and care about time! And make parents proud. However, parents, still kill daughters in the womb in the fascinating of son. Every family wants a son.

Nobody keeps a desire of having a Daughter. It is a kind unfairness to the nation, because to develop the nation both men and women are necessary. For Feticide both scientific advancement in the medical field and the sick mentality of the society are responsible. Just because fascination of son, people undergo for gender testing. What if it is daughter? It is killed. It is a legal offense. The doctor also does some wrong function in greed of some money.

The search for fetal testing was used to for the health of the child, but people started it for checking fetus gender. Even So many women get die while killing the girl child. And sometimes they even lost chance to be a mother again. Whether government announced infinite rules but the most important things that we have to change our thinking.

There are many reasons for the spreading of this issue. In Indian society, daughters are recognized as someone else belongings. Son will stay till their parents last but the daughter had to get marry and has to go with her husband. Even before marriage they are called as someone else's belongings. Even after going at their in laws place they are not adopted or treated as a daughter. A male patriarchal mentality is the major reason behind female feticide. Instead of girl only son right is declared on the property had with the parents.

The credit for the increase of this malaise goes only to women. Woman are becoming their own enemy as they don`t want to give birth to a daughter. If women gives birth to a son that she is treated well but if she gives birth to the girl child, then either she is being harassed or abused. If women take a stand against this malaise, than the issue can be resolved.

This issue can be eliminated only by the women. The problem has become a major issue because of her silence and when she agreed for the same. Daughters are known as a cause of insecurity. Today, it is thought that the girl's studies, writing, upbringing, and the money spent for all these are useless as one day they have to go away with their in-laws and think as they have to give so much of money in the dowry as well. The dynasty will be increased by son only. We worship the Goddess but don't let girls to take birth. Sweets are distributed on the birth of a son, mother get blessings but situation is totally different if a girl takes birth. Even instead of getting happy all became sad.

According to science, male is responsible for the birth of both son and daughter, but the male is never blamed for the birth of daughter instead women is accused. Indira Gandhi, Pratibha Patil, Sonia Gandhi, Kalpana Chawla, Aishwarya Rai etc. there are several examples of women who make their parents proud of themselves by their talent. In Indian culture women are given high standard but some contractors and low thinking male had proved girl unfortunate.

Some believe the birth of the daughter as the arrival of goddess lakshmi and whereas some believe them as a bad omen. It is recognized today's society as well that if the women gives birth to a son then he will stay with their parents for whole life, and would inherit family property, and will lead the family shall. It is Right to give importance to a male child but disrespecting girl and not treating girls as the boys is absolutely wrong. Is this happening goes on then the festival of Raksha Bandhan wouldn't be celebrated anymore? And from where the girl will come to marry. Will, and who will hold a womb to increase for the next generation? A major cause of female death is economic education as well. The country's population, the bulk of the living society is coming under the poverty. It is recognized that son will help his father when he will grow up. He will earn and bring lots of money which will be paid as a dowry in the future in the daughter's wedding. And there is more fascination of a male child in poor people. And that's why they give birth to a girl child but kill her in the womb before she take a step to enter into the world. There problem is not only in the illiterate people but also flourishing in educated people as well. Today girls are ahead from boys in each and every field.

Principal of various prestigious institutions are women. They are also financially strong. Society has to change its ideology. Son and daughter both have to be given the same or equal rights and respect ".if the society starts changing their perspectives then the end of this curse can be ended from its root. Apart from this women should also take a strong resolution, that she will not accept female feticide or this curse at any cost. And therefore it will get eliminated itself.

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    नन्ही की पुकार

    माँ तेरे आँचल में छिप जाने को मन करता है, तेरी गोद में सो जाने को मन करता है | जब तू है साथ मेरे,जिन्दगी जीने का मन करता है | तू ही है जिसके साथ,मै खुश हूँ , बस तेरे दामन में ही मह्फुस हूँ, पर माँ, जब तू भी दुश्मन बन जाती है, मेरी नन्ही सांसों को, जब तू ही खामोश कर जाती है| क्या कसूर होता है मेरा, जो तू भी पराया कर जाती है | मुझे जिन्दगी के बजाय, मौत के आगोश में सुला देती है| डरती है रूह मेरी, न जाने कब क्या होगा , जब तू भी साथ ना है माँ ,तो कौन मेरा अपना होगा , कौन मेरा अपना होगा ????

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    भ्रूण हत्या

    आधुनिक युग में लोगों के विचार एवं मापदंड भी बदलते जा रहे,हैं । सामाजिक मान्यताएं भी बदल रही हैं । प्राचीन भारत में नारी के, विषय में कहा जाता था- " यत्र नार्यस्तु पूज्यन्ते रमन्ते तत्र देवता ",अर्थात् जहां स्त्रियों की पूजा होती है वहीं देवताओं का निवास होता है 1,बदलते समय के साथ नारी की परिभाषा भी बदली |

  • Female Feticide in India

    माँ, मुझे भी जीना है ...?

    लक्ष्मी का वरदान है बेटी, धरती पर भगवन है बेटी!
    मानवता पर न दाग लगाओ, बेटा-बेटी का भेद मिटाओ!
    न अपनी दुनिया स्वयं मिटाओ, होश में आओ, बेटी बचाओ!

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