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Donate for Orphan Child Education | Need Sponsor for Child Education | India

Donate For Orphan Child Education

A good education is the foundation stone of the future. Despite it being an important underpinning of a flourishing society, we have a massive section of the society, either not able to continue school or they never go to school at all. Financial constraint and poverty is an important factor that leads to such a lopsided growth in India.

By the census released in 2011, around 8.4 crore children are not able to go to school and a major percentage of this 8.4 crore are the girls. Education is the basic right of every child, which unfortunately is denied to many in India.

Muskan is working towards bringing a small change in this number by conducting educational workshops for such children.

Who are we?

There is a dire need to bring reform in our society and it can only happen when we have educated youth. Muskan is a social development NGO which has been working to support and help the poor children by educating them.

As a responsible member of the society, Muskan was developed to create a platform wherein the unprivileged gets the privilege to become a confident and self-supportive member of the society. As a part of our helping the poor children in education, we have organized several workshops and night classes for children. This education is free of cost for them and we wish to organize many more of such workshops. Muskan also envisions building a school for poor children where they can complete their basic education.

financially help to orphan child education

What can you do?

Many a time it happens that we want to help the society but fail to do so, either we don't have time for it or we don't know how to proceed. Well, now you can, Muskan is inviting volunteers to take a step forward in helping the poor children by educating. Your knowledge and skills are important to us and we want you to propagate the same to these unprivileged children as well.

There are various ways via which you can support these children:-

  1. Educating them by volunteering in educational workshops.
  2. Participating in fundraising and public awareness activities
  3. Donation is yet another way you can help these children
  4. You can also sponsor a child education

Whatever mode you choose, Muskan will keep you updated with all the necessary information. So, don't wait any further, connect with us to contribute.

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