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National Digital Literacy Mission


Ndlm Course Module 1

Ndlm Course Module 2

Ndlm Course Module 3


Muskan's Membership Form   

Praposal Of NDLM   

Affidavit Submited By Muskan, Read Carefully   

Ndlm Practice Questions In Hindi  

Ndlm Practice Question In English  

Center Registration Form For Bihar   

1). Student Registration Form   

2). Training Centre Application And MOU Form   

3). Sample Of Original Certificate OF NDLM   

4). Candidate Registration Manual Of NDLM   

5). National Digital Literacy Mission Exam Manual   

6). Do's & Don'ts during exam of NDLM   

7). NDLM/DISHA English Brochure (Prospectus)   

8). NDLM/DISHA Hindi Brochure (Prospectus)   

9). NDLM/DISHA Leaflet   

10). NDLM/DISHA Leaflet Design 2   

11). NDLM Banner Design For Centres   

12). NDLM : Study Material In Hindi   

13). NDLM : Study Material In English   

14). Biometric Machine Installation Process  

15). Biometric Machine Installation Process + Setups  

16). Important Notice  

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Downloads Section !
Ndlm Course Module 4

Ndlm Course Module 5

Ndlm Course Module 5

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